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Speakeasy Trysts: Little Branch

by / 2 Comments / 29 View / March 27, 2012

I have been obssessed with Speakeasies eversince I moved to New York. I love the secrecy and mysteriousness. They also serve phenomenal elixirs which is a huge enough reason to go spend 18 dollars for one drink. They are sexy and dark and takes you back in time. They also usually have a nice back story.

My latest discovery is Little Branch. This little secret hideaway is in the West village in a very random building jutting out of Leroy St. there is an iron door and the sign is very small carved on a steel plate. It’s very easy to miss! When you open the door, you go down this creaky staircase that leads down to this dungeon-like place filled with booths, a piano on one side and the tiny bar on the other. The walls are completely raw, it is extremely dark, and the side of the booths have little hooks for coats (always a plus).

A patron told us that if you have a favorite ingredient or liquor, you just tell the bartender and they will make you the most amazing concoction with it. So I said “My good man, make me something faaahhhncy with gingerbeer!” He ran off and came back with my drink.. Ohhhhhhh soooo good! Gingerbeer and whiskey with some orange juice and other magical things that I cant seem to remember right now… Only the goodness. My friend had ordered the Hot Butter Rum drink. I have to say it was even better than mine. Sweet and warm and delicous. Makes a cold night a little bit better. It reminded us of the butterbeers from Harry Potter! mmmmmm

This is not really a place to meet people since the booths are so private that you cant see anyone except the top of their heads! But, a very very nice date place. Quiet and dark and secretive where you can whisper sweet nothings in each others ears while sipping a nice cocktail.

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  1. This is cool!

  2. This is cool!

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