Speakeasy Trysts: Mulberry Project, Where the Gliteratti Meet

by / 3 Comments / 51 View / April 1, 2012

My speakeasy adventure led me in the middle of Little Italy to Mulberry Project. We set out here on a Friday night hoping to check it off a good friend’s NYC bucket list. If you do not know what you’re looking for, you will completely miss it. It is nestled between a handbag vendor and an unassuming Italian restaurant. The staircase leads down to what may seem like someone’s apartment. The clue: The entrance is lit by red lights. You go down and you are infront of a big black door. Step inside and its speakeasy heaven!

Stainless steel bar on your right,  giant black leather booths on the left. Random murals on the walls and red accents all around, like their bar stools and decor. It’s dark and sexy and modern. Usually speakeasies are very old-school looking. This is a modern version. The bathrooms were tiled all black, clean, and smelled like men’s cologne. The ceilings were a little low so all the tall people look like they’re about to bump their heads!

By the bar is a giant chalkboard with a list of random fruits and vegetables and garnishes. When you order a drink here, you pick whatever ingredient your little heart desires and what liquor is your poison. I decided on pineapple and red chilli peppers ( do I love spicy? Yes!) and bourbon. Our beautiful man server came back with a concoction sooooo delicious Im still dreaming about it until now! The pineapples were soooo fresh and it was nice and spicy. Just the way I like it! Their drinks also come in a decent size glass so it’s worth the 15 bucks a pop per drink. I checked out their food menu. Decent selections. They had a nice scallop dish, we tried the truffle fries, yummy, and the lobster rolls were decadent!

Mulberry Project had a great crowd. Beautiful and fashionable people started pouring in and they are mostly New Yorkers. I guess this is whare all the fabulous people start out their weekend! Everyone was nice and friendly and there was just a wonderful vibe all around.  As for a celebrity sighting? That night was Bobby Flay and his posse.

The service was excellent! Our beautiful server was very accomodating and so helpful. The host was really nice too and because it took so long to get our table, they even gave us all a complimentary shot! Awesome!

Overall a great time here. Perfect place to pre-game. Very cool and trendy without trying too hard.  Fun and sexy with great cocktails and food. Definitely an experience. Get all your fabulous friends, get all gussied up and head down to Little Italy!

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