Bikram Yoga: Fad or Rad?

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I love Groupon. I am especially in love with their fitness deals. But like my grandfather said, “The only thing these deals seem to take pounds off of is my wallet.” Let me explain. A few months ago, okay in August 2011, I was infatuated with a terrific Groupon for Bikram Yoga. It was a great deal – an unlimited month of yoga for $60 dollars. Pricey but each class is $20 so this seemed like a great deal. I contemplated the deal, waited a few days, and finally hit the magical purchase button. Then, like all good Grouponers, my Groupon stayed unused, clipped to my refrigerator, taunting me as my pants grew tighter. That is until Monday.
It’s spring break and I have no more excuses for not working out so I checked out the website. A class at 4pm seemed to be a good selection. I hadn’t eaten in 2 hours (one of the suggestions on the site) and my plans for the night didn’t begin until 9:30pm. Grabbing the Groupon (no more teasing me), I leisurely walked to the C train and proceeded to register for the class. The thing I forgot to read prior to leaving my house? The temperature of the yoga studio stays at 105 degrees. That’s what the mandatory bottle of water and towels are for, both of which I had also forgotten. But no worries, the kind staff had a set of towels and a bottle of water for me to buy. I was now set to sweat.
Waiting in the line to enter the studio, the woman behind asked if it was my first time. I said, “Yes.” Her piece of advice: “Head all the way to the door/window because they open it up and don’t be afraid to take a break.” Both excellent pieces of advice (particularly after an hour of sweating, I was so thankful for the minute crack of an open window), I proceeded to sweat it out, doing the 26 positions as best I could while always trying to sip some water so I could replenish fluids.
When the class stopped an hour and a half later I felt strong and supple, but ready for some food and some more water. As I left I wondered: would I be back? I’m not sure, but I do have the next 29 days to decide!
If you are interested in checking it out, they offer a week long all you can take yoga pass for $27. Check out the schedule at
Bikram Yoga is located at 143 West 72nd between Columbus and Amsterdam on the 3rd floor. Easily accessible from the 1, 2, 3, and C trains.
Be sure to bring towels (2 and a washcloth) to use in the studio besides just your yoga mat. And I would recommend a sports bra and short biking shorts. It’s important to be able to see your muscles for alignment as well as to stay cool. Showers and lockers are available.

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  1. I have heard really great things about “hot” yoga…I don’t think I would give that particular branch a try. This Texas girl is a woos in the heat. But everyone that I know that has taken has had a similar experience as you.

    Let us know if you go back or try another “branch” of it! :)

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