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Rooftop Season Begins at 230 Fifth

by / No Comments / 25 View / April 27, 2012

Spring is here.  The birds are chirping (at least they are before the jackhammer at the construction site a block over starts working), the cherry blossoms are blooming, and winter coats are becoming jean jackets and sweaters.  With the Winter chill fading, and the hint of Summer sun poking its head out every now and then, rooftop season will soon be in full swing.

With a mission, for this summer, to try out a bunch of rooftop lounges, my first stop will be at 230 Fifth.  I have been here before, and have really enjoyed the gorgeous space, and spacious outdoor rooftop.  Seeing as though it hasn’t quite hit the warm weather yet, this rooftop is perfect.  They are open year round, and in the cooler weather, they have robes for everyone to wear, and heat lamps for the outdoor space to keep everyone toasty.  It has unobstructed views of the Empire State Building, and amazing views all around from the penthouse and outdoor space.  The penthouse decor is a luxurious, 1940’s modernist feel, with the outside being as though you are transported to an island oasis of palm trees and greenery.

Tonight we will be attending Andy Troy’s Luau-themed party, with RSVPs totally over 1,100+.  Should be a great time, and get me ready for the summer that is quickly approaching.

If you would like to join us tonight (we have 60+ girls coming from our group), Click Here:  230 Fifth Ladies Night Out!

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