Something’s “Good Enough To Eat” On The UWS

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For the brunch obsessed crowd like me, Manhattan is a playground. One of the biggest dilemmas on the weekend is where to brunch. There are a million choices in every neighborhood that you just can’t pick. I have been recently exploring the UWS and decided to brunch in the neighborhood. A couple of friends had recommended Good Enough To Eat and raved about it, especially the strawberry butter. They had warned me about the insane brunch line and I am so glad I listened. They were also right about the butter.

I made sure that I got there first before anyone in my party so that I could line up. The line was already insane, out the door of the cute little white picket fence that surrounds the dainty restaurant. It seems pretty ridiculous to line up for almost two hours just to eat brunch but it is well worth it, at least for this place. The line was organized well, I must say, and the hostess was really polite and helpful. Maybe it’s a ploy to make all of us so hungry that all the food will taste good no matter what! Nah, the food was delectable, period.

We sat down in the very cute but very tiny dining room. I loved the decor. It was very country and comfy. They still had remnants of snowmen mobiles hanging on the ceiling, and a giant glass case that had the best looking pies I had ever seen (mouthwatering sight), and a small bar area where parties of two can sit. I immediately ordered some biscuits with the infamous strawberry butter. The four of us inhaled the whole basket the second it came to our table. It was very good. The butter was actually not as sweet as I would have suspected which was great. The biscuits were flaky on the outside, and soft and warm on the inside.

The menu was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to read because there were so many good choices that I couldnt decide! We all figured that we will order all different things so we can try all of them. I got the Deep South, basically biscuits and gravy. The bread part was not actually biscuits, it was two loaves of cakey bread spread on top with creamy sausage white gravy and an omelet on the side. It was very very good. Not too salty at all, the gravy was velvety and perfect. The eggs tasted so fresh and light. We had also ordered the bacon waffles with fruit ont he side. It was pretty good although it could’ve used some more bacon bits inside. The fresh maple syrup helped though.

One of the winners was the pumpkin french toast with marinated pears in raspberry sauce on top. It was amazing!!! the french toast had a nice crunch on the edges with a soft warm center. It wasnt too pumpkin-ey that it overpowered the other flavors or even the maple syrup. Just enough to accent the french toast. this was probably the best dish we had. The other was the apple pancakes. Nice fluffy pancakes topped with apples cooked in syrup. They were really tasty and warm and comforting.

I am dying to go back because I want to try more things on the brunch menu like the cornedbeef hash which I am a sucker for! The prices were also amazing, so cheap for the quality of the food. Was it worth the 2 hour wait? YES! Was it worth going to the UWS for? YES! Definitely points for the UWS! I’m hooked.

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