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A Taste Of Cuba In The Village

Well seasoned, melt in your mouth skirt steaks. Perfectly cooked rice and creamy black beans. Tangy chimichurri sauce dripping on your gorgeous piece of steak. The softest bread spread with the creamiest, decadent  butter you will ever put in your mouth. Ahhhh,…

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Foodie Happy Hour Deals All Day Ee’rr Day…

 You are sitting in front of the computer screen all day, typing away your life. It’s 2pm. What are you thinking of? I know you cannot wait for it to be five o’ clock so you can bolt out of there…

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Zaragoza: Taste The Real Deal In Tacos And Burritos

Te amo, Zaragoza! I still question myself why it took me so long to find this gem in my own neighborhood! Shame on me! I discovered Zaragoza when else but Cinco De Mayo! I originally thought I was going to…

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Hurricane Club Is Bringing Aloha To NYC

  Do you miss the sun and surf or the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore? Or better yet, do you miss tropical drinks served in coconuts and tall tiki glasses? If your answer is a big…

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I’ll Ask 21 Questions & They’re All About Us….

Sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach, your heart is going a million miles a second, and your mind is racing. We all go through these feelings right before the magical first date. Fortunately, I am pretty good at first dates…

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Tasty Balls In Your Mouth: The Meatball Shop

  Remember in the show Friends, the character “Joey” loved meatball sandwiches? Well I love them as much as he did maybe more. He most likely did not get a chance to try the Meatball Shop as its only been…

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Speakeasy Trysts: Mulberry Project, Where the Gliteratti Meet

My speakeasy adventure led me in the middle of Little Italy to Mulberry Project. We set out here on a Friday night hoping to check it off a good friend’s NYC bucket list. If you do not know what you’re…

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