Welcome to Scene Stealers NYC.  I am a California born (Nor Cal Baby!) transplant, NYC-obsessed, Social Event  Planner Extraordinaire.  I have a 2.5 year old daughter who calls me Stinky Face, and a boyfriend that wants to be referred to as  Mr. Big on here (don’t ask).  I have been known to wear dresses in 32 degree weather, quote scenes from Sex and the City, and can generate songs that rhyme for everyday, mundane things for my daughter’s pleasure.    I am a wannabe Yogi, have an affinity for making To Do Lists, and would be set  if I had a Champagne dispenser in my kitchen.  If I’m not perched in front of this computer, or pulling my say-hello-with-a-kiss daughter off other kids at the park, you can find me eating outside at a boozy brunch, devouring crispy fries in a hard to find speakeasy, or taking this city by storm in any other way my mood drives me.