10 Marijuana Seed Banks that Ship to USA – Best Place to Buy Marijuana Seeds

If you search for marijuana seed banks that ship to USA, you will see hundreds of them. However, not all of those seed banks are worth trusting and can provide you with the most amazing cannabis seeds.

Choosing a reputable seed bank, safely transporting marijuana seeds to the states in the USA is not easy. Currently, there are many seed bank scams that take advantage of the needs and trust of customers to scam. There are many cases of receiving things that are completely not worth the large amount of money spent.

US growers can absolutely choose the most reputable seed bank that ships to US when referring to our list below.

Top 10 Marijuana Seed Banks that Ship to USA

#1 Humboldt Seed Company

You should never confuse the Humboldt Seed Company with the Humboldt Seed Organization – a lower quality version than the Humboldt Seed Company. This seed bank was founded on decades of breeding experience, and has produced many remarkable cannabis strains.

Humboldt Seed Company is headquartered in Humboldt County, CA, USA. They specialize in supplying selected marijuana seeds with top-notch quality to the cannabis market. The special thing is that Humboldt Seed Company only applies organic methods for growing and they take advantage of the climate in Humboldt to make cannabis strains with stronger flavors and effects.

Some notable strains like Vanilla Frosting, Magic Melon or Pineapple Upside Down are the company’s top favorites. And they have cannabis strains that growers can only find at Humboldt Seed Company.

#2 Fast Buds

Fast Buds is one of the seasoned seed banks in the industry and they have been providing their services for centuries. This seed bank is not only the top choice of EU growers, but US growers should also add Fast Buds to their priority list.

Fast Buds really proves to be a seed bank worth investing in for any grower. They offer a diverse seed collection, specifically specializing in self-blooming cannabis strains. If growers love these self-blooming strains, then Fast Buds is a paradise for you. In addition, they also offer other Cup winning strains that will excite.

This seed bank also offers many other offers and discounts to its customers. And especially, customers can absolutely earn more commission for each successful order through their referral link.

#3 Archive Seed Bank

Archive Seed Bank is a seed bank known for its extremely rare cannabis strains from all over the US. Founded in 2006, Archive Seed Bank has contributed to the cannabis market with the rarest US genetics and strains in any part of the country.

Archive Seed Bank aims to preserve these historic lines through verifiable growing networks and systems. Back in the days, the Archive Seed Bank was only working on this goal quietly, but then they decided to share those strains with the cannabis community around the world, and like-minded people.

In addition, Archive Seed Bank also provides some material on these rare US genetics for growers. The more popular cannabis strains are also accompanied by detailed information for growers.

#4 Greenpoint Seeds

Have you ever heard of the name Stardawg Stud Males? Yes, Greenpoint Seeds is heaven for growers looking for Stardawg Stud Males. This seed bank is based in Colorado, US and they are happy to ship their cannabis seeds to all states and almost all countries in the world.

Greenpoint Seeds offers an excellent selection of world-class cannabis strains and genetics that have been browsed. They pack only the best seeds with the highest germination rates for their customers.

This seed bank provides thoughtful and secure packaging and shipping. Customers will be able to buy marijuana seeds at a reasonable cost, with many incentives and certain guarantees. Delivery is fast for domestic orders.

#5 Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is no stranger to the cannabis industry. This Dutch seed bank and breeder is indeed a trusted and highly reputable name. Whether you are a beginner grower or an experienced grower, there will always be the best cannabis seeds that are right for you.

As a buyer of cannabis seeds, you should look for established seed banks as they know how to manage this type of business professionally. Buying from a trusted supplier like Dutch Passion means there is a great chance of a successful crop.

Dutch Passion has its own gene bank, containing genes collected several decades ago. They have the original cannabis strains that are now used to create many other hybrid cannabis strains. Buying marijuana seeds at Dutch Passion is buying the most original genetics.

#6 MJ Seeds Canada

MJ Seeds Canada is a seed bank that has been in business for over a decade in the cannabis industry. Although MJ Seeds Canada is not based in the US, many US growers trust and consider this seed bank as a good and reputable source to buy seeds.

MJ Seeds Canada has a diverse cannabis seed collection that includes regular seeds, feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds and even CBD-focused seeds. These seeds come with a moderate price tag. Growers can get more deals when buying cannabis seeds directly on their website.

This seed bank ships quickly and securely to the US. They also prepare various payment options, convenient for US customers to pay. Free shipping and free seeds for orders over $420.

Bud Trimmer Reviews: Best Bud Trimmer 2021

Growing your own marijuana at home requires a lot of work. It will take a several weeks from sowing seed to when you get an abundant harvest. However, your works don’t not stop at harvesting. Trimming bud is the nest thing you have to do.

You can manually cut the bud, but this work may require much effort and time. This is where a bud trimmer comes to handle, it makes the job quicker and easier for you. This bud trimmer reviews will take a closer look at some of the top trimmer available and help you get the best one for your needs.

Top 10 Bud Trimmer 2021

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#1 VIVOSUN 16 inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer

This bud trimmer is wonderful option for home grower who don’t want to trim manually, but it’s unsuitable for commercial or large-scale operation. This trimmer bowl includes two blades, one is dry trimming blade with four edged and the other is wire X-blades for wet trimming. The trims are made using razor-sharp stainless-steel blades.

The bowl trimmer is made of high-quality, sturdy stainless steel that will endure a long time. It includes a transparent plastic cover that allows you to see the inside while the machine operates. It features a hand crank that is ergonomically designed, giving you a firm grip. The power of a cutter is equivalent to that of 30 scissors.

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#2 Risentek MODELX1 Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine 16-inch Hydroponic Bowl Trim Model X

The Risentek 16-inch Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine is one of the most high-quality, powerful cannabis trimmers available. The unit are constructed from durability material, the body is made of stainless steel, the cover is made of plexiglass, which allows you to see what’s going on within the machine. The body and the plexiglass cover are connected by a stainless steel buckle, making the machine easy to install and detach for cleaning. The device has 20 adjustable blades. It also has a silicone catch tray for storing chopped leaves, making clean up a breeze.

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#3 MELONFARM 16-Inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer Twisted Spin Cut

This trimmer is incredibly accurate and works similarly to with 30 scissors. It makes clean cut of twigs and leaves with less damage for bugs. Like other now trimmer in this list, MELONFARM trimmer also features stainless steel blades, what make it durable and last a long time.

The Melon Farm 16-inch’s is manual trimmer. That means it will need a significant amount of effort on your work. But the handles are quite easy to hold and utilize. The handle is also can be disassembled, which would allow you easier to store. It features an anti-slip pad at the base that ensures stability.

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#4 CO-Z Professional Automatic Bud Trimmer

This marijuana trimmer machine provides both accuracy and excellent quality. Triple Steel blades are used to produce clear and precision cutting. This will assist you in achieving a more sophisticated loom. Multiple speed options of CO-Z Professional Automatic Bud Trimmer allow you to choose for better control, quality trim and more safety. Unlike other bud trimmers on this list, this one is not manual trimmer, it is powered by an electric motor, which provides clean, quick trimming, will less effort.

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#5 EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer

EZ TRIM Wander Trimmer sucking the leaf from the bud, so if you are looking for the trimmer with less flower damage, this is great option. The way it works ensure that the flower is not damaged, less mess and easier cleaning. The device can function both wet trimming and dry trimming. However, the drawback here is that If the buds are too dry, though, the EZ TRIM Wader Trimmer may have trouble sucking them up.

It requires you regulate the vacuum and blade speed to get the size bud as you want. The stainless-steel blades can be disassembled easily. EASY TRIM Wander Trimmer is a costly choice, but this is one of the best professional bud trimmer available.

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#6 iPower GLTRIMBOWL19L 19-Inch Leaf Bowl Trimmer Machine

This leaf trimmer has power as 30 scissors. Clean cutting is what makes iPower 19-inch bowl trimmer one of the most popular trimmers. You can expect that your bud will not be damage during the trimming process. It also creates less mess, making cleaning an easy task.

This trimmer is very handy and lightweight. It is a 19-inch device but it even easier to store than other smaller trimmers. It has detachable handle, so it can be stored in limited spaces.

In addition, this bud trimmer enables for quick trimming in dry circumstances. However, you should be cautious with the amount and speed. Remember that you should not spin it too fast or your buds may be damaged. This strimmer may appear to be relatively expensive, it is well worth your money.

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#7 The Clean Cut M-9000S Series Bowl Leaf Trimmer

The Clean-Cut M-9000S leaf trimmer is another excellent bowl leaf trimmer. it is extremely effective and dependable, providing smooth and clean cuts. Like other bowl trimmer models, this one also comes with has a plastic cover, so you can easy see when it is operating. It also features two stainless steel blades, the razor blade for wet trimming and the other serrated blade for dry trimming.

Can you use more multiple filter on your 40 gallon fish tank?

Maybe you have heard about using the filter that is rated for an aquarium a little larger than the one you own or using two or more different filters on an aquarium to get the best result of filtration. Many aquarium owners may get doubt about it.

I’m using a best 40 gallon aquarium filter, my filters have always been good to me, but I began to weigh the options to add one more filter for my 40 gallon fish tank. Would one be better for me or multiple filters is good? Let’s check out what I discovered.

#1 Should you use multiple filters on 40 gallons fish tank?

Personally, I would like to recommend you using redundant filtration on your fish tank. In the case if one of the filters fail for whatever reason, immediately, you will have a backup in place that is already cycled, you do not waste your time to assemble the new one and your fish do not have to familiarize with the new filter. It is also nearly capable of handling the load in your fish tank.

Especially with the small tank as under 40 gallons, your fish will quickly make the water dirty by their waste. The redundant filtration will give you enough time to get to your local pet shop and get the parts you need to fix your aquarium filter getting the new one to replace the failed filter, without leaving your tank unfiltered while you are doing this.

One more reason for the redundant filtration is the one filter cannot work effective in the heavily populated aquariums, or those with large predatory fish or fish that generate large amounts of waste.

#2 What are the cases you do not need the redundant filtration?

The most common reason I not recommend you to use redundant filtration on a tank is if one or more of the alternate filtration methods is not suitable for that tank or setup. It is not means that my recommendation against redundant filtration, but rather a concern related to one of the types of filters and the aquarium setup.

There is some case such as the location of the tank to the fish or animals you are keeping can impact whether one form of filtration or another is appropriate for your fish tank.

How to choose the best musky reel for the money?

If you are looking for the budget-friendly musky reel, you should carefully as while the price tag may seem attractive, you always get what you pay for. How do you know if the under 200$ musky reels are suitable for you or not? Don’t worry, we got your back.

This post are some tips and major criteria that should help you pick the best musky reel for the money.

#1 good built-In quality

The musky fish has the monster shape that can reach 15 pounds. So any reel that sounds or seems not properly build-up is going to waste your money. Even if you are looking for budget-friendly option, you also should choose the good built-in. Remember that, you may not able to drag a heavyweight fish just because of the poor quality reel. Choosing the reel hat is durable and will stand strong when fishing.

#2 The gear ratio

When choosing the musky reel, the gear ratio is one of the first things you should look at. The low the number the slow to retrieve it would be. We recommend that you should come with the units that offer 5:1 to 5:7:1 gear ratio. You can easy find the musky reel under $200 that comes with such ratio. These are most of the time perfect for musky fishing.

This ratio if perfect to get better precision and strength that allow you to apply less effort.

#3 Check the line weight

One more important factor when choosing is musky reel is the line weight. Muskies fish weight can reach fifteen to thirty-six pounds. So that the pulling and stressing these fishes come with is going to make it quite difficult to catch them. Even you choose the affordable reel, ensure that it offer something around eighty pounds line weight. These are super capable to handle even the largest muskies.

#4 Line Capacity

Like the line weight the lack of a good line capacity will turn the whole fishing into a disaster. You should go for go for something that provides at least 140 yards of 25 pounds test line.

Best Filter For 10 Gallon Tank: Tetra Whisper in-Tank Filter VS. Marina Power Filter

Taking care of fish is not only the responsibility of aquarium keepers, but this work is also one of the most relaxing things to do. And the smaller the tank is, the more efforts you have to pay for maintaining it.

If you own a 10 gallons fish tank, it will be very quick for this tank brimming with fish waste, algae, and uneaten food.

In order to prevent this from occurs and maintain the good water condition for your fish, you should purchase on the best filter for 10 gallons tank. This post will introduce to you two filters of them: Tetra Whisper in-Tank Filter VS. Marina Power Filter.

#1 Filtration Process

There are 3 filter media than a filter that can be included: mechanical, chemical, and biological. When choosing the fish tank filter, it is better to get the device that can perform these three to have the best result. Tetra Whisper includes the bio-bag filters.

This filter media will prevent the changing color of the water to yellow due to the dirty chemical built up the tank. In addition, Thanks to activated carbon, this filter also removes grime, dirt ad other particles in the water.

Marina filter is the self-priming filter. It maintains the water always clean by absorbing grime and other particles. However, the drawback of this filter is the small filtration capacity. If there is much fish waste contain in the tank at the same time, the filter will take for a while to clean it up.

#2 Water flow rate

When buying an in-tank filter, the flow rate is an important aspect. The outstanding point of Marina Power is that it be able to control the flow rate. That means it allows the user to adjust the amount of water that would be pumped back into the aquarium. You will have to worry about the flow rate too strong and harm your fish.

However, Tetra whisper cannot do this thing. There are some users who complain that this filter has too strong flow rate power. The small fish might be sucked in by the filter.

Best Aquarium Chillers: IceProbe Thermoelectric VS. JBJ Titanium chiller

Maintaining proper and constant temperature for the aquarium is an essential thing and the responsibility of aquarium owners. Due to this, the best aquarium chillers are one of the basic requirements and useful devices that every tank needs to control the temperature of aquarium water.

The increase in temperature levels can threaten your fish life. Combining aquarium chiller and best aquarium thermometers can be the solution that helps you out from aquarium heating problems.

But if you feel overwhelmed about choosing the right chiller for your tank between many different options out there, look over our two recommendations below: IceProbe Thermoelectric Aquarium chiller VS. JBJ Aquarium Arctica titanium chiller.

#1 Capacity

The capacity of the chiller will determine how much amount of water it can handle. You should check your tank size first as this ought to help you decide the capacity of the aquarium chiller you will eventually get.

Ice Probe chiller can be a good idea if you are keeping the tanks with 10 to 20 gallons of water. It is measure 4″ x 4 3/4″ x 7 1/2″, the compact size makes it does not tank lots of your space and lightweight as well. However, the drawback is that Ice Probe chiller cannot use for larger aquariums.

JBJ chiller can be used to effectively chill up to 40 gallons of water. It measures 13 x 19 x 20 inches. The model is still compact in size compared to what it brings.

#2 Type of refrigerant

The refrigerant is an important part of the fish tank chiller since it creates the cooling effect. It will affect how cold the water temperature within the tank will be. It is better to get the chiller that comes with eco-friendly refrigerants.

JBJ chiller offers best-advanced features compared with the other types of the chiller. It is environmentally friendly since it uses R-134 a refrigerant.

Ice Probe chiller uses a thermoelectric refrigerant for the chilling process. This thermoelectric refrigerant plays the role of absorbing the heat by using the probe mounted on the device.

#3 Heat exchanger

Ice Probe’s heat sink is kept cool by the low-speed fan that running all the time. This fan can reduce the excess heat from the respective tank and dissipate the heat to the environment. It can help to reduce the temperature from 2 to 5 degrees.

The heat exchanger of JBJ chiller is made of the titanium coil. This will bring the optimum effective and easily heat exchanged as well.  his is one of the best types of heat exchangers today.

What Is The Best Way To Eat Jackfruit?

Have you ever eaten jackfruit? What do you know about them? Jackfruit is a large fruit, prickly on the outside. Original from Southeast Asia, jackfruit is common throughout Asia, but Westerners are not used to eating this fruit.

#1 About jackfruit

Jackfruit grows directly from the trunks of trees. A jackfruit can get weigh up to 100lbs and reach 35 inches in length.

This fruit is known as the largest tree fruit in the world and also has the most excellent flavor as well.

When jackfruit is cracked open, you will find a yellow fleshy covering the seed inside. There are many recipes that have been created by this fruit. Its seed can be roast or boil, and the fruit can also be used to replace pork or chicken for a vegetarian dish.

Beside, jackfruits are nutritionally rich, including minerals, vitamin B, antioxidants and high amounts of protein.

#2 Preparing jackfruit

Jackfruits are contained a much amount of very sticky sap, so the easiest way to opening them is oil the fruit’s exterior, all the surfaces of knife’s blade that you will use to open them and also your hands as well. This will helps you easier to clean up at the end.

Slicing the jackfruit in the lengthwise by a long sharp knife. In the middle of jackfruit, you will see a large white core, remove this core out of the fruit.

Then use your oiled hands to split flesh apart from the fruit out. After that, taking out the seeds by cutting lengthwise of this flesh.

 #3 Best way to eat jackfruit

Like the other fruit, the best way to eat jackfruit is to enjoy it fresh immediately after open. It also can be used for jackfruit smoothie, mix with yogurts like a desert or a topping on ice cream. Jackfruit can go well with fruit salads and cooked as a vegan meat substitute.

Low maintenance aquarium you should buy in fish aquarium near me

Low maintenance aquariums mean they are taking less effort to clean and also take a longer time to get dirty. Regularly cleaning the tank not only wastes a couple of hours but also get the risk of stress for your fish and harming them.

The only drawback is that this tank is usually small. But if you are planning to keep it in your office desktop or on the chicken countertop, there is no reason to get one from any fish aquarium near me. A self-cleaning tank is more convenient choice than a regular fish tank.

Who is the self-cleaning tank suitable for?

In fact, it is suitable for everyone. Especially for the beginners who do not have any experience of maintaining their first tank and for the kids, who tend to be irresponsible and might forget their responsibilities of the owner. The best aquarium starter kits are the smart choice for them.

Moreover, if you just hate the work of a cleaning tank or if you do not have time to do this work and even if you usually forget to clean it frequently. You are one of these cases above, so stand up, go to the fish aquarium shop near me and get one for yourself.

Different Types of Self Cleaning Fish Tanks

Gravity: This is the most common type of self-cleaning fish tank that you can see at any fish aquarium store near me due to its reasonable price. This tank uses no power to clean. Basically, it uses gravity to remove all the waste inside the tank.

When waste and other debris built up in the bottom of the tank. You have to add more freshwater into the tank. And the waste, dirt and debris will be siphoned out from the tank by the disposal tube.

Aquaponics: This type of self-cleaning tank is more expensive than the gravity one. It is also the best type of self-cleaning tank since it is closed-loop ecosystems. You are supported to grow plants that floating at the top of the water by using this tank.

Things To Look For When Buying The Best Chicken Waterer

Besides food supplied by the best chicken feeders, water also one of the most important features that will ensure your chickens healthy and provide quality eggs and tasty meat. The supply of fresh, safe and clean water for your flocks is not a difficult task. 

But choosing the best chicken waterer that can fully satisfy the demand of your chicken at any number, age of them and for all season is not an easy task.

Even if you have been reared chicken for a long time, this buying guide for chicken waterer is always can help you to select the best waterer device for your flocks. 

#1 Size 

The first things you should consider before buying waterer if the size and dimensions. If you do not think about it, you may end up with something that cannot fit the coop door or take a lot of space inside the coop. Your kitchen may feel uncomfortable with this.

The age of your flock is also important. If you are keeping the chicks, they will require a small waterer, or they are liable to drowning

Moreover, the size of the waterer will influent how many times you need to refill it. A larger waterer will need to refill less time. Absolutely, you should buy a large one if you have enough space.

#2 Materials

The ideal materials for waterer are galvanized steel and plastic, both of them are also the most common materials available. However. When you leave waterer outside under the sun, galvanized steel tends to absorb heat from the sun and make the water too hot for chickens.

#3 The number waterer

The best ratio is every 6-8 chickens will have one waterer. If a lot of chickens use only one waterer, the smaller and weaker will be pushed aside by other chickens when they want to access waterer. In this case, to ensure all the chicken can get waterer whenever they need, you will need more than one waterer.

Best Hunting Spotlight Review

#1 Throw Distance

This is a typical component of the best hunting spotlight review, headlights, and center lights. Depict the most significant separation the light shaft can reach and enlighten. Current LED lights can sparkle a bright light emission across many yards. Typically, anyplace somewhere in the range of 100 and 300 yards can be viewed as an OK normal.

#2 Run time

Gone are the times of compact lights that were utilized to toss batteries. This is the time of battery-powered lithium-particle cells. Working time is the quantity of hours a light can accommodate a similar light yield before it drops to 10% of the essential return. A few electric lamps delayed down gradually, while others remain out of nowhere dim and dim.

The high-limit battery offers more extended run occasions. However, the for best hunting spotlight Australia disadvantage will be its weight. Run-time is likewise controlled by the brilliance setting utilized. With a high environment, most lights offer between 1 to 3 hours of run-time, while runtime execution times can be 7 to 14 hours or more.

#3 Beam Settings

The best hunting spotlight review accompany extraordinarily structured reflectors. A significant number of them offer a choice to switch between flood shaft and spot pillars. Flood bar is perfect for universally useful lighting in a more extensive region. Spot shaft is best for spotting prey rapidly, or specific ways when strolling/pursuing around evening time.

#4 Brightness Modes

It is in every case best to scan for lights with at any rate two unique modes: high and low. The individuals who do not have this essential element will, in general, be a settlement with one hand: you can’t expand their up-time by any means. On the off chance that you need to save vitality, you should turn it off. In any case, on account of low shaft lights, it can build up time or battery life and still get essential lighting. In a crisis, this could be a guardian angel.

#5 Quality

The best decision for hunting spotlights reviews is frequently a metal casing, generally made of aluminum. Be that as it may, most moderate producers pick high-thickness plastics to keep weight and costs low.