What are the best glass cage for chameleon?

When it comes to keeping a pet chameleon, the best chameleon cage is indispensable things. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task to get the right cage for these animals because the chameleon cage options on the market is extremely limited.

Chameleon require a vertical cage with the proper humidity and heat. Glass is an excellent material for regulating humidity and temperature. Glass cages also make it easier for you to clearly see your pet inside. If you are get trouble on choosing the ideal cage for your chameleon, this list can help you.


#1 Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit

There are not many glass cage available is more appreciate for chameleon than this one from Exo Terra. If you have trouble on controlling the temperature and humidity inside the cage, you should go with this cage. It is made from full-glass side and a mesh top for good ventilation.

It features double front door, which helps easy access, feeding and cleaning. Besides, it comes with a natural rock background, which will mimic the wide environment for the cage. There is also a compact lighting system includes. However, many users complain that the accessories are not really of good quality so it is better to purchase on separately decorations.

#2 Carolina Custom Cages Extra Tall Terrarium

If budget is not your problem and you are looking for something that provide long lasing lifespan and durable, you can consider this cage of Carolina Custom. It provides an extra large space for your chameleon but it also take lots of space in your home.

It is made mainly from high quality glass with waterproof base that is 12 inches deep. The font top of the cage is the metal mesh panel, which provide good ventilation through the cage. The air circulation can also support better manage humidity. There is a large double door at the front side of the cage with the key-lock features to prevent escape.

However, the drawback of it is the it quite expensive compare with other alternative options. The cage is also not really easy to assemble.

#3 Zilla Front Open Terrarium Black  

This cage will provide you fully accessible while being a secure place to keep your pet safe a comfortable inside. This cage dimension are 18 x 18 x 25 inches. It offers enough room for a baby for juvenile chameleon, but you may need to change into the large cage for an adult chameleon.

It is all side glass with a hinged panel at the top of the tank for easy access and better airflow. It comes with the realistic rock foam background, which make the cage more natural. It features 3 inch deep water-proof base, you can add a thick layer of substrate on the bottom. The locking safety pins will protect your pet from escaping and other household pets.

#4 REPTI ZOO 34 Gallon Large Reptile Glass Terrarium Tank

REPTI ZOO Large Reptile Glass Terrarium not only good at maintain humidity and temperature but also allows the air circulation due to a metal mesh top. You can mount the lighting or humidifier in the metal mesh. Although it is not specially designed for chameleon but it still meets most chameleon needs. It equipped with the raised bottom, where you can place the substrate heater under.

There are double doors for easy access. It is quite expensive but you will get the quality that worth your money. The only drawback of this cage is that its dimensions are longer than its high, which chameleon more prefer.

#5 Critter Condo Reptile Cage

Recycled PVC, compressed foam and tempered glass are what make up this cage. Critter Condo Reptile Cage is not the cheap options if you are on the budget. But of you are looking for the high quality long lasting cage, it can be the good choice.

Unlike the other glass cage on this list, this cage is combination cage. Due to it, the cage is lightweight than other glass cage for easy transport from room to room, while provide the clear view of your pet. The sliding front doors are made of tempered glass. Once you are received this product, all you need is a screwdriver to set up this cage. It does not take you a lot of time to complete the assembly of the cage. It measure 48 X 24 X 24, your chameleon will have plenty of space to move inside the cage.