What do chinchillas need in the cage setup?

Chinchillas require a safe cage, where they can play, explore and sleep. They are active animals and love to climb and jump all the time. For these reasons, you have to provide them some certain things to create the best chinchilla cage setup or chinchilla’s quality of life will be significantly worsened.

This guide below will show you all the basic thing you need to place in the chinchilla cage. It’s not advised to save money by skipping any thing from this list.

#1 Choosing the right enclosure

The first thing to consider is how large the cage should be. Since chinchillas are active and like to jump and play, you should get the cage that is as big as possible.  A wire cage that is at least 4 × 4 × 3 ft is ideal for a chinchilla. However, bigger is always better.

The second factor is that it should be a multi level cage, which will give your chinchilla plenty of room to jump and climb. Avoid the wire bottom cages, since they can hurt a chinchilla’s feet. Glass tanks also should be avoided due to poor ventilation.

Finally, the bar spacing on the side of the cage should be not wider than 1 x 2 inch to prevent your chinchilla from being caught or escaping.

#2 Bedding

The bedding to encourage burrowing behaviour and makes their living area more comfortable for them is absolutely essential. Pelleted or shredded paper bedding is a great choice for chinchilla bedding.

It is important to choose the bedding that is entirely safe, absorbs liquids and control odors well. Do not use the bedding made from cedar and pine, these wood is unsafe for chinchillas. Old newspaper also should be avoided to use since it may be contain ink that toxic for your chinchilla.

#3 Water bottle

Your chinchilla needs a water bottle to drink from. Instead of the water bottle, you should get the stoppered water bottle, which can be attached to the wires of the cage. It is more suitable for rodent. It also prevents water from being spilled and helps keep the bedding dry.

#4 Food Bowl and Hay rack

The food bowl will prevent food is spoil and soiled. Chinchilla will need something to hold its fresh food and treats. Giving them a fool bowl that can be attached to the side of the cage.

A hay rack will prevent the hay will spread around the cage and get dirty.

#5 Exercise Wheel

There is a basic rule that the running wheel should have a diameter of at least 15 inches (38 cm). Since chinchilla has sensitive feeds, so ensure that the wheel have a solid floor to prevent foot injury. Avoid plastic wheels, as your chinchilla may tents to chew on it.

#6 Toys

It also essential to get something that keeps chinchillas from getting bored and to help keep his teeth worn down. They needs wooden toys to chew on. Ensure that the toys you give them are large enough then chinchilla can be able to swallow them. It also should be made from untreated wood that is not toxic for chinchillas.