Should you use power filter for 75 gallon aquarium?

If you are just start your keeping fish hobby and you do not really already to spend a lot of money for your aquarium, it is the good ideal to go with the filter that come with your new tank. When I first started with my 75 gallon aquarium, I also just used the filter that is included with the aquarium, which was a power filter.

In many cases, when you buy an aquarium, you may get the power filter, but whether it is the best filter for 75 gallon aquarium or not? Should you invest in the other types of filter for your 75 gallon aquarium?

#1 Effectiveness

The power filters simply hang on the back of the tank and filter the water through a tube. Usually, they will come with your fish tank if you purchase an aquarium kit from the pet store. Power filter can be considered as the optimal choice when it comes to aquarium filter as it easy to assemble, require less maintenance than others and really cheap.

However, I not recommend you to use it for your 75 gallon tank if your aquarium has high population density or if you are keeping very messy fish. Reason being is the tank’s water will not circulate properly with this type of filter. Power filter do not really effective for large fish tank.

#2 Price

Most power filter have affordable price. Most of the time, they come with your aquarium setup. If you are newbie or if you have limited budget, you can use this filter for your aquarium. They have the price ranging anywhere from $10-$50.

If you are looking for the filter for 75 gallon aquarium, I would like to recommend you the Fluval C or the AquaClear filter. They are come from reliable manufacturer with the price of about $50 and good enough to use for 50-100 gallons aquariums.

#3 Maintenance

This is the advantage of power filters as they are easier to maintain than canister filters. When it is ned to be clean, all you need to do is unpassable the carbon filters, or other type of media and replace it. There’s no need to take the filter off of the back of the tank unless you suspect there’s something wrong with the tube that sucks up the water.

However, there is the note that if your power filter include carbon, you should replace it regularly as carbon will lose it effective within a few weeks.