What are the different types of gerbil enclosure habitat?

The best gerbil habitat will start with the right home. If you are going to bring a gerbil home, you are going to need a cage at first. A good cage for gerbil should be roomy, sturdy, provides great air circulation, keep them safe and comfortable inside.

These following are main choices that most people consider when it comes to cage for gerbils.

#1 Glass aquarium

This is the most common type of gerbil home. The glass aquariums come in affordable price, easy to clean, and allow you to observe your gerbils more pleasurably. Besides, they are totally safe as your gerbils cannot chew through these enclosures like what they can do with plastic.

Glass terrariums are also very secure as the gerbils cannot escape from it. Aquarium cages make ideal cages because they are spacious, great for digging, and easy to clean. Additionally, you can add a large amount of bedding in the cage without worry about it falling out and making a mess.

There is only a note when using glass aquarium is that you should place a mesh or wire lid securely fitted on top to provide air circulation and prevent your gerbil from escaping.

#2 Wire cage

Wire cages are also preference options. Your gerbils cannot chew and escape from wire cage. However, you will need to ensure that there is no a big gap between the wire bar, so that your gerbils cannot get their teeth, feet or tails caught. Bars 1/4-inch apart at most is recommended.

The drawback of wire cage is that when you place bedding inside, it can make the surrounding area messy because bedding inevitably will spill out. Because wire cages are well ventilated, you may want to choose one if you live in a hot climate. It is better to choose wire cage with a lot of tubes and tunnels will reduce a risk of gerbils fall and injure in the cages.

#3 Plastic cage

Due to its fun colors and styles, many pet owners prefer to use plastic cages, especially children. However, the biggest problem with plastic cage is that gerbils tend to chew holes into plastic cages. This makes plastic cages easy to escape from.

It is not recommend to use plastic cage as some models provide little ventilation and you must pay extra attention to the maintenance of these cages because they tend to smell more quickly.