What are the potentially dangers of gerbil wheels?

We all know that the best gerbil wheel is essential part of a gerbil cage as it keeps your pets entertain and stay healthy, However, many owners don’t realize the risks involved from wheel. Some companies manufacture low quality cages or if the wheel wasn’t designed for your gerbil, it may injure your gerbils.

Learning about the dangers of gerbil wheels will help you choose the safe type of wheel and also fix and avoid these problems.

#1 Fractures

This is the mistake that many new gerbil owners get when choosing the first wheel for their pets that is choosing wire-style wheels. If there are big gaps between the bars, then a gerbil’s legs can fit through the openings gap and if the gerbil slip, his leg could get caught between the wires and fracture.

For this reason, it is quite important to choose wheels designed to be solid that help prevent fractures. These smooth-surface wheels are safer for the sensitive skin of gerbil.

#2 Tail Damage

Another danger from wire wheel. Gerbils and other rodents with long tails can be injure if they are running in the wheel that is not design specific for them such as hamster wheel. Hamster wheels don’t take tails and long bodies into account. A gerbil running on a hamster wheel may crush his own tail as it dangles outside the wheel. Not only the exercise needs of your pet, you also need to know your pet’s body features so that you can provide safe exercise options for them.

#3 Danger from cage mates

In the case if you are keeping more than one gerbil in one cage, the wheels can be extremely dangerous. There is always a change that one cage mates to run under the wheel while another gerbil is running on it. This can lead to danger for your pets as they can be broken bones, internal organ damage and even death.

If you are keeping multiple gerbils, I would recommend that you should use some exercise alternative of wheel to ensure the safe of your pets. An exercise ball is the great way to provide your gerbil a private room to run inside the ball. The ball also protects your pets as well.

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