What are the best aspen shaving bedding for hamster?

If you want to keep a happy healthy hamster, the first thing you should thing about is the enclosure setup and the best hamster bedding that you will need to purchase on. One of the most budget options when it comes to best hamster bedding is Aspen Shavings.

Aspen shaving is one of the few types of wood that is accepted to use as hamster bedding. This material creates a natural look for the hamster cage. In general, Aspen shaving is a great choice for hamsters as it is very comfortable for the hamster feet, cheap and easy to find. However, you should only use aspen shavings products purchased from a pet store as they have been treated to remove any harmful, mites and insects.

#1 Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding

Most small animal’s owners would know that Kaytee is the reliable well known manufacturer for producing small animals products. They only offer high quality products so you cannot go wrong with Kaytee.

This Aspen bedding from Kaytee make suitable hamster bedding with a tight budget. It is made from all natural aspen shavings that is kiln dried, which is a natural biodegradable product. It is guaranteed to be 99% dust free, so it is no mess, clean, free-allergens bedding that you do not need to worry about respiratory system of your hamsters.

It has the excellent features of Absorbent with good odor control. Its texture is perfect for support burrowing and home building behaviours of the hamsters. It creates a comfortable, gentle on fragile little of feet of hamsters. The material is all natural and biodegradable, due to that you can use the old bedding for a compost bin.

#2 Small Pet Select Aspen Bedding

If Kaytee cannot satisfy your need, you can consider this one form Small Pet Select. This aspen shaving bedding can be excellent liner for your little furry friends. It comes in a smaller size than a previous option, it is 14 lbs/ 6.3 kg and but with one bag, you can use for up to 6 months.

As other aspen shaving options, It is also good absorbent so it can dry out after hamster pees on it. And with how little the hammy pees, this bedding can last a few days before need to be changed. My hamsters usually pee on the corners of their cage and at the end of the week when I change my bedding, it is always fine and not release bed smell.

This kind of bedding is dusty free, this is because it contains larger pieces than sawdust. The pieces are thinner and softer than sawdust. It comes with the affordable price and your will get what you have to pay for.

Cleaning the cage is also not a difficult task with this bedding, you just need to use something like a litter scooper to get rid of any dirty part. This bedding is heavier when it gets wet.

#3 Living World Wood Aspen Shavings

Living World Aspen Shavings Small Animal Bedding is scent-free aspen shaving, it is hypoallergenic, what make it excellent for pets who have respiratory sensitivities. It comes in a compact bag but you may surprise by its highly absorbent capacity, it can absorb up to four times its weight in moisture.

Not only hamster, it makse an ideal bedding for, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas and other small pets. It is made from 100% natural aspen wood and free of aromatic oils so you do not need to worry about the respiratory problems of your pets.

#4 So Phresh Natural Aspen Small Animal Bedding

It is made from 100% all natural aspen wood shaving. Due to its highly absorbent capacity it also good at control odor. It makes a great bedding for small animals like as it allow them to create their own tunnel and nest.

It is free of scent with no any aromatic oils contained, what make it totally safe and healthy for your pet. It is also dust-free, so even if you are keeping a delicate hamster with sensitive respiratory systems, you do not need to worry about that. What I like most about this bedding I sthat since it made from 100% natural aspen shavings, it is biodegradable animal that can be recycled and used as compost for grow plants.