Why you should build DIY iguana cage?

Buying a suitable iguana cage isn’t as easy as you might think. Since an iguana can grow to be quite large, your pet’s cage will need to be big. And the commercial large cages are not usually available so you may have to build yourself a best iguana cage.

This post is about Iguana’s caging standards, what an iguana needs to meet a sufficient state of well-being, and some reason that why you should build iguana cage.

#1 Most iguana cages are not ideal

The commercial cages out there are usually affordable but inappropriate enclosures supposedly designed for large lizards. They are all too small, and most do not hold humidity

This might be surprising to many owners who may have been kept their iguana in a small cage. This is because for an adult iguana, his cage should be at least 8 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 6 feet high. Even though this is a big cage, bigger is even better.

If you are keeping your iguana in the cage that smaller than this dimension, the misconceptions about how iguana cages large should be flushed in order to gain an understanding of the correct way to house large reptiles. Your iguana might still alive in small commercial cage, but their discomfort and stress persists.

#2 It is not difficult to build your own enclosure

An Iguana habitat can be relatively easily built with 2 x 4s, wire mesh, and plywood. You can use wire or plywood to build all the sides of the cage as walls. The front door should be made of wire mesh. If it is a cold area where the cage is placed, you should use solid plywood walls as walls will make it easier to maintain a proper temperature in your pet’s home.

There are even some easier way to build an iguana cage is use a small room or a large closet for housing your pet. You just need to replace the room door or closet door with a screened door for the best ventilation.

There is a not that you should not place the iguana cage near windows, drafts, heaters, air conditioners, or anything that can raise or lower the habitat’s temperature.

#3 DIY cage is the most affordable choice

You totally can make a cage that according to your iguana’s known attributes perfectly. You will know what dimensions of the cage are suitable for your pet’s length. Due to this, you also can add features such as a pool, litter box, and other additions with a much lower price.

All you need is Styrofoam, grout, paint, sealant, wire mesh, and plywood, which are cheap and durable material that you can easy find at any local store.