Best LED Aquarium Lights: Galaxyhydro Dimmable VS. Beamswork EA FSPEC

One of the biggest reasons that make people want to own an aquarium is the aesthetic appeal it provides. And using LED light for aquarium is not only serve to give an attractive look to corals and fish, but also provide the proper temperature and lighting condition for the growth of plants in your aquarium.

There are many varieties of LED lights available. In order to help you avoid confusion initially, this posts the detail about two of the best LED aquarium lights: Galaxyhydro Dimmable LED Aquarium Light VS. Beamswork EA Timer FSPEC.

#1 The Size

The first thing you have to pay attention to when choosing the best LED aquarium lighting is the size. 

The Beamswork LED fixture comes in seven sizes: 18”, 14”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72”. It also includes the adjustable legs, which you can extend to make the LED light fit with your aquarium.

Galaxyhydro measures 12,8 inches x 8,4 inches. It is offered only one size and there are no other options. This is the drawback if you have an aquarium that is bigger than this size of the light, you will need to use more than one fixture at once.

#2 Intensity and Spectrum of the Light

The aquariums that are kept indoor will received not enough amount of natural light. The lack of natural light will lead to decreasing the growth of fish and their lifetime as well and also limit water plant growth.

Due to that, the full spectrum LED light that is mimic the natural light in the aquarium is absolutely essential.

Galaxyhydro LED light has 3 main LEDs color waves are red, white and blue. And it is set up in 2 channels: the “white” channel with cool white, warm white, red and green lights and “blue” channel with blue, purple and royal blue lights. Each channel above controlled by separate dimmers.

Beamwork provide 10000K, Actinic 460nm, Red 620nm, and Green 520 nm spectrum LED light. This full-spectrum lighting will improve the health of fish and your water plants.

#3 Features and Mode

Galaxyhydro dose does not come with a lot of modes. It is offered comes with only two dimmer modes for towing separate channels of lights. This device also has two cooling fan systems that are already built-in to helps minimize the heat.

Beamwork offers two modes of operation are daylight and moonlight mode. It also comes with the pre-wired timer module, which will automatically with between these two modes depending on your setting up.