What are best supplements for mini pigs?

One deciding on the best pig food, the next step is understanding basic nutritional that they need. The supplements are essential to improve a strong immune system and help a pig prevent some particular illness or disease.

There are some nutrients that included in the mini pig pellet that they eat daily. However, there are also some nutrient that is important addition to your pig’s diet but they only can get from the supplements.

#1 Spring Valley – Vitamin E 400 IU, 100 Softgel

Vitamin E of spring valley if one of the most important supplement that every mini pig owner should get as it help improve immune system of pig and also cardiovascular system as well. I would like to recommend allow your pets to eat onecapsule of 400 IU capsule per day.

The Vitamin E helps build healthy skeletal & heart muscle. However, the big change that your pigs cannot get enough amount of Vitamin E that they need from their commercials pellet diet. This is because under improver storage, in the production of feed, and during a normal shelf life, the vitamin E in commercial food will be break down. This is why the best way to give your mini pig enough vitamin E is through supplement.

#2 Spectrum Essentials Organic Coconut Oil

This is unrefined organic coconut oil that you can rest your mind that it is safe to support hair and skin of your mini pigs. Coconut oil is an excellent nutrient for pigs that help they absorb fat soluble vitamins and stabilize nerve function. Coconut oil of Spectrum is made of natural ingredient with no added preservatives or fragrance.

Due to this, you can apply this organic coconut oil directly on the pig skin as moisturizer or pour it over their food, or frozen it into bite sized treats.

#3 Elevate Se

Selenium is another essential nutrient for pigs. However, this is the note that mini pigs that eat a commercial diet should only be provided selenium supplementation one a week. This is because selenium can be toxic for mini pigs if overdosed.

Elevate se is the product for horses, but it is good to use for pigs as well. Adding one teaspoon of Elevate Se into the pig’s diet once a week.