What is the best food for young mini pigs?

In the first two months of life, young mini pigs just drink their mother milk to be survive. After this time, you can add commercial food inti their diet. It is better to feed pellet food in addition to the milk they are used to.

Choosing and management food for mini pig is extremely important. This is because the best pig food needs to maintain your pig’s weight while does not make it gain weight. Providing your young mini pigs the pellets foods that include essential vitamin and minerals, which can be difficult to get from a natural diet.

#1 Purina Waggin’ Train Mazuri

Mazuri is the trustworthy manufacturer in the pig pellet industry. Mazuri Mini Pig Youth Diet has a balance and complete nutrient that designed especially for baby pig. It is formulated to help young pigs get a healthy start. Feeding your pig with this food, you will not need to give them addition vitamin and mineral.

Mazuri diet includes probiotics, chelated minerals, biotin and niacin, which help support pig’s skin and weigh. Mazuri pig diet contains high quality milk proteins in the formula, it is good for wean baby pigs. Not only that, it also provides Amino acid for the proper growth of your pigs.

#2 Sharp’s Mini Pig Food

This food of Sharp’s Little Pig Town is produced for all life stages of mini pigs. However, I would like tore recommend you feeding it for baby pigs that ween from their mothers. It is better to feed 4-6 weeks old pig. It is made will all natural and high-quality ingredients. The manufacturer commit that it does not contains any filter, GMO, corn, soy, etc.

Sharp’s Mini Pig Food is formulated with good amount of vitamin and mineral, that means your baby pigs can get all they need with this complete and balanced formula. Besides, it has delicious taste and smell even a picky pig will love to eat this food.

#3 How to feed a baby small pig

After 3 days of born, you can start offer a small amount of good pig feed food to your pets in a bowl or dish. Crushing the pellet and mix it with the milk, making it very liquid at first and then slowly increase the amount of pellet s the pig ages.

After 7 weeks, you can feed your pets with just the hard pellets. And after 8 week, the basic rule is feeding them 1/2 cup of pellets per 15 lb of pigs.