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What is the best cookware to use on a ceramic glass cooktop?

If you have a ceramic glass cooktop in your kitchen room, you should that you have one of the most modern stovetops nowadays. With their smooth surface, modern appearance, classy form, save your space of counter when not in use,… Ceramic glass is the cooktop that everyone will want one.

But the ceramic glass cooktop can also easy to be scratched and discolored. If there is a ceramic glass cooktop in your kitchen, it is necessary to regular cleaning and uses the right cookware for this type of stove. This article will help you find out what is the best cookware to use on a ceramic glass cooktop.

#1 Bottom

The cookware with a flat bottom is an idea to contact with a ceramic glass cooktop. Although the ridges are designed in some cookware that will help to evenly distribute heat, they also can leave severe scratches on your cooktop, especially if it is heavyweight.

#2 Cookware material

Cast iron, stoneware and glass or ceramic are the materials that not work well on your cooktop. They tend to disfigure the cooktop surface over time by its feature of rough and easy to cause scratches.

The most ideal material for this type of cooktop is stainless steel. Aluminum, copper, titanium, carbon steel are also great materials of pot and pan as well. They are durable, lightweight, good at heat conduction and set your mind at rest to use them with your ceramic glass cooktop.

#3 Size of pots and pans

There are some circles that you can see on your cooktop surface. These circles will be prime that determinants the size of cookware you should to use. Or you can buy the medium size cookware, it is always the safest option.

How to get rid of Caterpillars

How beautiful it is to have your garden filled with the harmless and gorgeous looking butterflies blooming all around your flowers and on lawns. The amazing part is that a small unsanitary and harmful insect (Caterpillars) grow up as beautiful butterflies. These larvae are popularly known for munching away on cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and other plants. They may be small but eat too much due to their growing stage. Although these creepy crawlers are beneficial to the ecosystem but considering the harmful effect on plant at times prompt gardeners to be looking for how to kill caterpillars.

How to identify

Table of Contents

  • How to identify
  • Preventions and Control Measures
    • #1 Hand Pick
    • #2 Crop Planning
    • #3 Homemade Spray

Caterpillars are larvae of butterflies and moths. Caterpillars are of thousands in specie but the common characteristic is they are long, hairy and wiggly. This pest has both real legs and fake legs which helps them cling to plants plus their soft body. Although not easy to locate as they’re usually underneath the leaves of your plant. Once you’re seeing your flower and plants devasted, just know these pesky pests are in your garden.

Preventions and Control Measures

It is always advisable to stay organic when it comes to dealing with pests in your garden. Pesticides can even damage your plants and trees and that is certainly not what you want. Hence, ecofriendly remedies are the best.

#1 Hand Pick

There are a tremendous number of ways of tackling caterpillars. One of the most common and simple methods is to handpick them. Caterpillars are most active come early morning or evening – dusk time. When hand picking them, be sure you wear rubber gloves and carry an empty cup or tray with you. Your target should be the bottom side of the leaves. You’ll see egg clusters there. Remove them and, look for caterpillars. You can pick them out too. These can be discarded in two ways. You could either release them somewhere far off from your garden or you can always kill them in soapy water.

#2 Crop Planning

Crop rotation is another prevention method to caterpillars. When you avoid planting crops of same family year after year, you are automatically discouraging insects from your gardening. Also, add lots of compost to your soil and make sure you don’t grow your plants in continuous rows, grow in mixed blocks.

#3 Homemade Spray

Chili Spray is one of the effective home remedies to get rid of caterpillars, a DIY approach and trusted repellant. Here’s a recipe for you to try:

  • 3 ½ ounce grounded dried chili
  • Pour the powder to ½ gallon boiling water.
  • Boil the mixture for 5 minutes.
  • Prepare ½ gallon cold water with 2-3 drops of liquid soap
  • Add to boiled mixture to cold mixture
  • Allow the mixture to cool.

Spray the solution on 1 or 2 leaves to test the effect of the solution. Observe for 24 hours, if there’s no negative reaction on plant then spray your chili mixture directly on caterpillars advisable at evening

There are many ways in which you could get rid of caterpillars before they create havoc in your garden. Try one of the methods mentioned above and your garden will be caterpillar-free for sure.

The Best quality Care for your Shag carpet

(How best to clean and still keep your shag carpet soft and fluffy as it should be?)

What type of carpet is on the floor of your house- Is it a shag carpet? Does it still look as it should be?

In this article, we will reveal the best tool to keep your shag carpet clean and “still looking new”. We will also show you where to get the quality tool you need to make it happen.

It’s good to clean your shag carpet with any useful tool, but it’s best to do it with the right tool. For instance, a piece of soft cloth can dry the water spill on the floor, but a mob can dry it faster. Likewise in cleaning your shag carpet, the right tool can do the cleaning swiftly and perfectly.

However, how to clean shag carpet isn’t the same with any carpet out there. This is because its structural design is different from any other carpet. The difference is spotted from the way the fiber is twisted. It’s twisted in a loose design and the individual strands of the fiber are spaced from each other. That’s why small particles such as hair strand, a strand of the thread even the finest dust particles could hide in those spaces. These small particles cannot be entirely removed if the right cleaning tool is not used.

How do you get those particles entirely out? The brush isn’t the best tool even though it could sweep out some particles, but not all of it. More so, trying to sweep the deep layer of the carpet with a brush isn’t the best idea. On the other hand, if the particle is a stain, you could use a microfiber cloth dipped in a vinegar cleaning solution to remove it. This is done by rubbing the stain until the stain dissipates. After which the carpet is dried quickly by using a box fan or you could dry it with natural air for 48hours. This type of cleaning is only required if the particle is a stain or liquid spill.

To get those finest small particles entirely out of your carpet, you have to use a vacuum cleaner. However, not every vacuum cleaner is used. Some of them are not gentle on the fibers and could damage their softness and fluffy appearance. For instance, some regular vacuum cleaner could fray or break off the carpet fiber over time. Therefore it’s necessary the right vacuum cleaner is used.

There are top 10 special best vacuum cleaners used to vacuum your shag carpet and still leave it fluffy. They have the best suction power, lightweight and efficient in picking all the small particles from the surface to the deep layer of the carpet. Not only that, you can regulate their speed allowing you to have more control to avoid intense vacuuming. Most of them are versatile, implying they can be used not only on shags but, also on bare floors and regular rugs.  This special vacuum is affordable. So you should get one for your shags.

Click here and make your quick selection now. Give your shag carpets the best care and make it glory in its beauty for a longer time.

Also, find out firsthand information on other best products and services available for you.

How Long Do Tostada Shells Last?

The culinary colors of Mexico are mainly hot and very fresh colors because the dishes are made from rich sources of animal and plant materials such as corn, beans, chicken, pork, beef, potatoes, tomatoes, pepper, chili, onion, avocado, guava, peanut … In addition to the vibrant colors, Mexican cuisine is especially outstanding at the richness of the spicy flavor. It seems that these two characteristics are a combination of hot Latin and vibrant European style.

When it comes to quintessential Mexican cuisine, it is impossible not to mention tacos. However, besides tacos, there is also a quite outstanding dish, which is called Tostadas.

Tostadas mean messy. They are made of a fried crispy corn tortillas covered with mashed beans, mashed cheese, butter, chopped tomatoes, lettuce and salsa. It is made quite simple and does not follow any food recipes. It is usually made with a fried corn shell, above is ground beans, chopped cheese, salsa and lettuce.

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The origin of tostadas is to take advantage of old cornmeal, no longer soft enough to curl into tacos, but still eatable. Old corn cakes are fried in boiling oil until it becomes yellow, hard and crispy. To make the shell more attractive, Mexicans think of covering the surface of a cake with a filling of beans, chicken, ice cream, finely chopped lettuce, onions, butter and fresh cheese.

Nowadays, you can enjoy various types of tostadas. The most common is the type of chicken or pork tostadas, there are also seafood tostadas like tuna, shrimp, crab, octopus, and even vegetarian tostadas.

How to make tostadas shell?

How to make tostadas is quite simple and does not take too much time to prepare and process.

#1 Ingredient:

Corn tortillas

Vegetable oil


#2 Cooking utensils:

Frying pan

Paper towels or oil blotting paper

#3 Processing:

Pour into a frying pan for about 1 cup of vegetable oil, equivalent to half a pan.

Heat oil frying pan on high heat.

Dip corn tortilla into fried oil and fry for about 30 seconds on each side, until it is deep fried, yellow and crispy.

Remove the tortilla into a paper towels or oil blotting paper so that they absorb the excess oil.

Sprinkled with fried tostada has been dried a little salt and served with other ingredients such as tomatoes, butter, chicken, beef, etc.

How long do tostada shells last?

First of all, you need to determine which tortilla you have. And another factor determining how long torilla can last is where you keep them. Whether you keep them at room temperature, the refrigerator or freezer has different storage periods, and they all affect the shelf life of the package.

First for the freezer, you can keep tortillas in the freezer for 6 to 8 months, even through the expiration date printed on the package. This is the longest time that tortillas can exist.

Next, corn tortillas will last after their printing in room temperature for 7 to 10 days. And can last about 6- 8 weeks if they are kept in the refrigerator. For wheat tortillas, they can last about 7 days in room temperature and about 3 to 4 weeks in a refrigerator.

For homemade tortillas, they are safe from the printing day for 2-3 days if you keep them at room temperature. If they are stored in a refrigerator, they can still be safely used within 5-7 days. For tortillas made from spinach and made from wheat, they can last up to 7 days at room temperature, you can also keep them for 3-4 weeks in the refrigerator.

You can find more information about tostada shells in here.


Car rides with the kids is an iconic part of family life. There’s nothing more joyful than seeing the wide-eyed wonder from a child who is seeing beautiful landmarks for the first time, enjoying the city at night, or squealing in excitement at fairs and festivals. Travel broadens the mind, and for a child, is crucial to their personal, psychological, and emotional development.

At the same time, car rides can be often be the cause of travel-related anxiety and stress; it can be especially straining on young children. The tightness and roughness of a child’s seatbelt rubbing into their neck can cause a bad mood or an association of pain with travel. A child who feels trapped in the car from a tight seatbelt and hard car seats can quickly become frustrated or panicked.

Fortunately, there is a solution that is just as easy as it is affordable. In recent years, seat belt cushions have become popular around the world due to their ease of use, their flexibility and durability, and the rich padding that combines stability and comfort. There’s no hassle when it comes to seat belt cushions – most of them are lined in Velcro and are easy to clean by hand or in the washing machine, so they can quickly return to the car! Whether it’s for a small trip to the grocery store or a long journey across the country to see extended family, seat belt cushions are the saving grace of every family.

Let’s take a look at the top five seat belt cushions for kids!

Table of Contents

  • Let’s take a look at the top five seat belt cushions for kids!
    • OVERLAND Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover
    • NUBY Seat Belt Pillow
    • ERIC CARLE Seat Belt Cushion
    • SUATMMshop Unicorn Fur Seat Belt Cushion
    • VERISA Seat Belt Pillow

OVERLAND Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover

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The soothing feeling of sheared wool is something that millions of people around the world enjoy. It’s no wonder, then, that Overland decided to make a seat belt cushion from the softest thing on the planet! With its slim design and Velcro straps, the cover can fit any seatbelt for any person. It can even be used on other straps, such as messenger bag straps or guitar straps. Made entirely from real sheepskin, Overland’s Sheepskin Seat Belt Cover promises to be dependable, sturdy, and soft for years to come. The best part? It can stay on any position on the length of the seat belt, so you don’t have to worry about the cushion sliding down constantly (or falling off!) during the trip.

NUBY Seat Belt Pillow

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If you or your child prefer something with more bounce and padding, NUBY has got your back! Their reinforced strap system securely plants the pillow in place, making it impossible for the cushion to wander up and down the seat belt. In addition, it provides a wonderful health benefit for your growing children. It supports the neck and head of the child, promoting a healthy and upright figure during sleep. This reduces the consequences of slouching and bad posture, which may include (but are not limited to) muscle strain, muscle pain, and deformities in the neck and spine. With this seat belt pillow, your child will feel like they’re in their own bed at home!

ERIC CARLE Seat Belt Cushion

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Eric Carle is famous for his illustrated children’s book The Hungry Little Caterpillar. This particular seat belt cushion is in the shape of – you guessed it – the caterpillar! This seat belt cushion is beautifully designed. It can be mistaken for a brightly dyed children’s toy, which is ideal for those children who need something comforting and familiar on car rides. Whether your child is asleep or awake, the Eric Carle Seat Belt Cushion offers to maintain good body posture and remove strain from the head, neck, and back. The cushion can be easily applied or removed, which is especially useful for messy or sick children. The Eric Carle Seat Belt Cushion is also machine-washable and easy to clean. It gives parents the peace of mind that whatever mess on the cushion itself can be quickly removed and cleaned.

SUATMMshop Unicorn Fur Seat Belt Cushion

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For the especially bold, colorful, and confident children, the rainbow-colored Seat Belt Cushion from SUATMMshop is a fun and creative choice for rides long and short! The downy-soft faux fur will give your children laughter as it tickles their cheeks and help them fall into a serene nap during a long drive. The Velcro straps are sewed into the back of the cushion, which makes it very easy to put on (and even easier to take off and wash!). It also adds a flashy and funny fashion statement to the car! Moreover, this specific cushion has a soothing use in that its color, feel, and style are psychologically beneficial for stressed and anxious children. After all, no price can be put on the peace of mind for a child, but SUATMMshop boasts a durable, life-improving product at an easily affordable price!

VERISA Seat Belt Pillow

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VERISA is one of the most popular seat belt cushion makers in the world – and it’s easy to see why! The company has created a seat belt cushion as a pouch which actually includes a real pillow inside. It is made so that both kids and adults sleep well, read comfortably, and relax easily on car rides. With its unassuming colors, generous padded pillow, and high-grade material, the VERISA seat belt pillow style provides stable neck support for children. It prevents the child from arching into discomforting positions straining the neck, sides, and back or leading to serious harm. It also protects children from sustaining injuries, such as bruises or cuts, from accidental sudden stops or swerves. Both the pouch and the cushion are machine-washable and easy to wipe off, clean, and use again and again!

Here are five great seat belt cushions for kids that will make any trip safer, cozier, and more calming. With a simple snap and pat, that snarling seatbelt can become a fun, comfortable, and protective tool for the whole family – and it can be the magic trick for making the words ‘car trip’ bring out the most excited squeal from your little one!

Ways to handle, bond and socialize baby pot bellied pigs

Pot bellied pigs have singular personalities, but as young pigs, they seldom like to be touched or held. Generally, young pigs grow up to appreciate being close to the people they have established a bond with. At first, piglets can be very unapproachable or dreadful, particularly if they have not been well socialized from the start.

Socializing and Training Baby Pot Bellied Pigs

Indeed, getting your pig to trust the owner can be a bit of a task. When you bring an infant pig home, you first need to pick up their trust so as to have them acknowledge you taking care of them. After that, you begin working on fundamental practices, (for example, rope strolling and house training). You should likewise figure out how to control your pot bellied pig so essential grooming and medical care can be administered when necessary. Although most outgrow being picked up, it is beneficial to get them used to being picked up as they will additionally be eager to be restrained and handled.

Bonding With a New Baby Pot Bellied Pig

When you bring your new infant pig home they will most likely be exceptionally anxious and frightened. Take your time. You will need to keep your pig in a little, limited territory until when they blend in and accept their new home. Give your pig a chance to explore; when they appear to be less troubled, endeavor to motivate them to approach you by enticing them with food. Sit on the floor with your pig and offer a touch of food (start with regular food for piglets) to lure them. At first, you may need to put the food on the floor before you and step by step work up to your piglet taking the meal directly from your hand. Do this constantly for a few days. Have everybody in the family have a turn so the piglet can bond with all the relatives.

When your piglet is open to being close you and taking food from your hand, you can take it to the next step by stroking it gently along its sides or beneath the chin. Move gradually and talk tranquilly and tenderly to your pig. Make sure to give treats because this will help with the pleasant experience. Move at a pace that your piglet is okay with. If they do not like being pet or scratched instantly, back off a bit until they are more tolerating.

Picking a Baby Pot Bellied Pig

By and large, pigs do not like to be handled. A pig will squeal loudly whenever they feel compromised. Despite the fact that you might attempt to pick up an infant pig to cuddle it, it might get scared and squeal. After some time your piglet will bond with you and they will in the long run trust that you are not going to hurt them.

Getting your pig to be used to being touched and handled will not be easy because it is something they normally do not like. In the event that you are tolerant and recollect that training takes a while to achieve, you and your piglet will be more joyful at last.

Top 4 pool vacuum hoses

Cleaning out a pool can be an overwhelming errand if you don’t have the right instruments. A portion of the basic instruments you will require are pool pumps which will require the best pool vacuum hoses to work.

The hoses are what your pumps will use to suck up all the garbage and debris utilizing the intensity of the cleaner. Here are the best 4 pool vacuum hoses available today and brief research on them to help you settle for one that works well for you.

1. U.S. Pool Supply 1½” x 36′ Professional Heavy Duty Spiral Wound Pool Vacuum Hose

Table of Contents

  • 1. U.S. Pool Supply 1½” x 36′ Professional Heavy Duty Spiral Wound Pool Vacuum Hose
  • 2. JED Pool Tools 1½” x 6′ 60-345-06 Deluxe Filter Connecting Hose
  • 3. U.S. Pool Supply 1½” x 26′ proficient 8-Piece Pool Vacuum Cleaner Hose
  • 4. Milliard 1½” x 15′ Pool Vacuum Hose

This hose is well known for its high quality and moderateness. It is made of dependable EVA plastic which prevents it from getting spoilt easily. This means you get a hose that will last for quite a long time, saving you money you would likely use to get a replacement in a short time.

Another element of this hose is the swivel connector. This helps it to move unreservedly and it doesn’t get trapped while in use. Besides, the hose is very long and can be used to clean up very large pools.

2. JED Pool Tools 1½” x 6′ 60-345-06 Deluxe Filter Connecting Hose

One more extraordinary hose that you ought to think about before settling for any. It is an incredible product if you don’t have a great deal of money to spend on top-notch models of vacuum hoses. The product is just 6 ft. long, which may appear to be short, and is light.

Be that as it may, don’t be tricked by the length since hose proves to be useful when you need to replace an old destroyed piece of your present hose. It is likewise a decent product to be used to add an extra length if your current hose is not long enough to reach certain distances.

3. U.S. Pool Supply 1½” x 26′ proficient 8-Piece Pool Vacuum Cleaner Hose

This product comes in solid 8 bits of 40 inches each and up together to achieve 26 ft. The hoses are developed of high-thickness polyethylene plastic which guarantees that they last for years. Universal fit, the hoses have a 1.5 inches diameter across that interfaces with most brands of BEST ABOVE GROUND AUTOMATIC POOL CLEANER

You can utilize these pieces to replace any damaged piece of your current hose or simply add the truly required length to your hose. Furthermore, they are anything but difficult to install since each piece accompanies its male and female segment that slip together effortlessly.

4. Milliard 1½” x 15′ Pool Vacuum Hose

The Milliard Pool Vacuum Hose comes in 5 bits of 3 ft. each to shape a total length of 15 ft. These pieces are flexible and of top quality, making it less demanding to piece them together. Likewise, they are extremely simple to store and to move around since they are lightweight.

These pieces are compatibles with most pool gear including diverse brands of vacuum cleaners. They can also be connected with different hoses, making them perfect for adding an additional length to your current hose or repairing them in the case of a damaged unit.

Snake Bite Stories: Real-Life Experiences that Will Scare You

This post will quickly look at some legitimate snake bite stories that will give you a reason to be more careful when you are out in the wild. Some of these stories may be unbelievable and others are downright scary, which can send chills down the spine. To prevent these horrific snake bite stories from happening to you, trap snakes so that they cannot reach your home or be prepared with a best snake bite kit to immediately get rid of the venom.

SNAKE BITE: A Petal child is recovering in a Jackson hospital after being bit in the face by a snake

An Amputated Thumb

Table of Contents

  • An Amputated Thumb
  • Stupid Declaration of Love
  • First Aid Treatment Failure
  • Bathroom Situation Gone Wrong

Some snake bites can kill you. Others, meanwhile, can cause a thumb to be amputated! This is exactly what happened to a person who has been bitten by a sharp-nosed viper, which is known to cause hemorrhagic shock to its victim. The bite first looked like a harmless cut. However, the snake that caused the bite is known for being extremely venomous and can quickly destroy the tissues. The walls of the blood vessels are damaged and internal bleeding happens. To prevent the venom from spreading, the thumb has to be amputated.

Stupid Declaration of Love

This story might seem romantic, but for others, this is actually disturbing and idiotic. A young Russian man who used to work as a zookeeper went across the board to show his wife his apology. He began a YouTube live stream to express how sorry he was for hurting his wife. To be able to grab attention, he had himself bitten by a black mamba snake. He encouraged viewers to text his wife and help him make things right. However, during the live broadcast, he died from the venom of the snake that bit his finger.

First Aid Treatment Failure

When a snake bites, first aid treatment should be administered as soon as possible. However, for this man from Tennessee and his friend, the first aid treatment did not work as expected. A man came into the house of his friend bringing a copperhead snake to determine its gender. Bringing such a kind of snake needs a permit. Otherwise, you can be detained for an illegal act. With this, when the snake bit the person inspecting it gender, the owner decided to extract the venom on his own. He did not call 911 because of the fear of being held by the police. Unfortunately, his friend was left unconscious and died shortly.

Bathroom Situation Gone Wrong

If possible, we avoid gas station bathrooms because they are known for notoriously being dingy. But, when nature calls, you have no other choice but to answer it. This is exactly what happened to a man from Texas. When he was already seated on the throne, he noticed a rattlesnake on the floor. Before he could even pull his pants up and make an escape, the snake bit him on his hand. The man, sadly, died because of the bite. Such a kind of snake is known for causing serious damage to its victim shortly after the bite if medical attention was not administered.

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Calling all cultured fashionistas, admirers of the Monarchy, and those who know a hot toddy can solve anything! Get ready to unleash your inner royalty. Cynthia Rose here with the latest deal for Downton Abbey Fans. The show will sponsor a Downton Abbey Tea Truck on December 9 to the 13th from 11am to 7pm. Tea and delightful biscuits will be served for free.

The What?

It’s been three years since Downton Abbey arrived and made PBS hip again. If you were a Crawley, would you be naughty or nice? (I would love to be called Lady Cynthia Rose) As the show gears up for its fourth season, they’ve decided to show New Yorkers how to “Tea” in true 20th Century British-style with free crumpets.

The How?

The Tea Truck will have costumed servers and an opportunity to take pictures against the backdrop of Highclere Castle. The truck will be at the following locations:

Monday, December 9
East 14th St. at University Place (Southwest corner)

Tuesday, December 10
6th Avenue between 40th & 41st St.

Wednesday, December 11
50th St. between 6th & 7th Ave. (Northside)

Thursday, December 12
The New York Times Center, 41st St. between 7th & 8th Ave.

Friday, December 13
Broadway between 66th and 67th St. (Westside)


It’s a nice way to warm the bones and have a good time. Sure you can’t wear a corset, tiara, or your version of a Kentucky Derby hat, but you can still feel a little like royalty. In addition, on Friday the 13th the Tisch WNET Studios will sponsor an all-day marathon screening of Downton Abbey Season 3 from 11am – 7pm. If you need to catch-up before the January premiere, here’s your chance.


Free equals crowded, so be prepared to wait in line like everyone else. For some reason British shows make New Yorkers friendly, so people will want to mingle and someone will sadly try to talk in a British accent.


I vote go for it. Winter has officially arrived in New York, so swap your coffee for free tea. Also, saying the word “crumpet” makes everything seem so sophisticated . . . . .


To all cultured fashionistas, Thespians, future ushers, and theater lovers, Happy New Year! Cynthia Rose here with the first major festival of 2014. The Public Theater just announced Under the Radar, a festival featuring new, independent, and experimental theater brought to you from artists across the globe. Tickets are only $20 and performances run from January 6th to January 19th.

The What?

Under the Radar is currently in its 10thyear and is designed to expose emerging and master artists to a wide audience. The festival gives participants a crash course in theater, while spectators are treated to an international artistic feast: works from Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Japan, Switzerland, the UK, and the US, all from the comfort of NYC. Festival locations include the Public Theater, St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, La MaMA in the East Village, and the Japan Society in the Upper East Side. (All locations are MTA accessible or you can cab it, if you’re feeling fancy)

The How?

There a performances for every type of artist. The music of Toshi Reagon and BIGLovley will be celebrated through Sacred Stories; the work of poet Sekou Sundiata is re-imagined through Blessing the Boats; and Britain’s Kate Tempest combines poetry, theater, and music through Brand New Ancients. Tickets are only $20 but if you’re an aficionado with coins to burn, you can buy the $75 UTR Pack which includes tickets to five performances.


While I love Broadway, this festival is a nice alternative. The performances are out of the box and it’s a nice way to feel like you’re living on the edge. It’s also a great conversation starter for a floundering happy hour or art show. In addition, the festival includes free talks about the playwright process and a dance party from awesome DJ’s and musicians every night at 11 pm.


Be advised: This is no Lion King and art is subjective. There’s a 20% chance that you will leave a performance bewildered and/or suspicious of your fellow-man.


I vote go for it.  Where else are you going to see a monologue from Belgium? Go for the art and dance afterward . . . . .