Get to know about crested gecko lighting supplies

Setting up the best UVB bulb systems in a glass cage of crested geckos basically not a difficult task. You do not need any special installation, you just need to choose the right bulbs and install them in the correct place.

Meanwhile, crested geckos do not receive any amount of Vitamin D3 from natural sunlight because the glass of the cage will prevent UVB rays in contact with them. On the other hand, natural sunlight also makes the moisture levels in the cage go down. Due to that, crested gecko lighting is indispensable.

Furthermore, crested geckos need these lights to adjust their day and night circle, warm up in the winter. The light is also conducive if you keep real plants in your cage.

Crested gecko lighting includes a low wattage incandescent bulb or a ceramic heaters and ultraviolet lights of UVA or UVB capacity. Remember that you should only lighting for crested geckos about 4 hours a day in the summer and 6 hours in the winter.

Are UVA and UVB lights different?

It is absolutely yes; they are two different types of ultra violet lights. They make it own benefit for crested geckos health and total wellness. UVA lights mimic the sunlight at the daytime for crested geckos. When you turn on UVA lights, your pets will feel like it is the daytime and doing their daytime activities. In contrast, UVB lights will simulate the nigh time for your crested geckos.

Do crested geckos really need Ultra violet light?

In captivity, crested geckos environment needs to be simulated as same as what they have in natural life. Ultra violet plays viral roles in providing this proper environment for your pet.

The day and night time circle has to maintain, if it is not, your crested geckos will be affected and leading to the risk of stress and some health problems such as illness and loss weight.

UVA lights turned on in the daytime, helps crested geckos regulate behaviors such as eating, diurnal movement, mating, playing, bathing and similar activities.

UVB light allows crested gecko to take a rest. Besides, UVB allows the synthesis of vitamin D3, which helps crested geckos to absorb calcium.

There is the notice that too much UVB is not suitable for crested geckos, ensure that the UVB lights will be regulated to turn just about 4 hours per day.