Foods For Bearded Dragons: Tips To Get Bearded Dragons Eat Greens

If you are an owner of bearded dragons, you will know that foods for bearded dragons should include greens and animal-based foods. But what should you do if your bearded dragons have a picky eating habit?

Especially, when they become adults, you have to decrease the amount of protein in their diet and feeding them a diet with 80% is greens. They may tend to dislike fruit and veggies. This post is some tips will help you to make your dragons eat their greens.

#1 Offer varied greens

If you are feeding the same vegetables for them over and over again, it is not hard to understand why your beaded dragons hate to eat them.  So when your bearded dragons won’t eat greens anymore, try the other types of greed to feed them.

It is can be the types that they’ve never eaten before and mix up with their diet. The curiosity will make them try to eat this green.

Remember, even if you use any of the best bearded dragon substrates, never put food directly on it.

#2 Mix their green salad with nectar or honey

In the wild, bearded dragons also eat nectar. The sweet taste of nectar and honey can remove the weak flavor of greens and encourage them to eat their salad. These things also provide more vitamins for your bearded dragons.

#3 Mix live food with salad

You can add a little bit of live food such as cricket, mealworms, butter worms in the food bowl, and then add their salad on top and feed them. Your bearded dragons will want to eat these insects and also eat some greens in the process.

You can purchase live insects at any bearded dragon supplies or order online at Amazon.

#4 Mash the greens

Instead of feeding normal veggies, you can mash them with some safe fruits for bearded dragon of honey to create a sweet and refresh green juice. This is might be the better tasting. Apples, raspberries, plums, peaches, and pears are some fruits that your dragons would like to eat and safe for them.

#5 Feeding by hand

If you have time, you can encourage your bearded dragons to eat greens by hand-feeding them. Some bearded dragons prefer to eat in this way because it attracts their attention. But you also should be careful since your dragons might bite your fingers.