Why Do You Need Heat Mat For Leopard Geckos?

Leopard geckos are crepuscular; that means they will sleep through the day and shelter deeply underground to hind away from sunlight. They become more active when it is duck and down.

Leopard geckos absorb heat through their belly and they able to digest their food in this way. This is the reason why you should provide them the heat mat for leopard geckos.

Do leopard gecko need heat mat?

Unlike bearded dragons, leopard geckos do not bask under the direct sunlight and receive heat from the sun. This way they do not need the basking lamp in their cage, this lamp could easily burn your leopard geckos. However, your geckos also need a heat source and the place to go to get warmth.

Your leopard geckos simply need a heat mat reptile, which located on the bottom of the tank and allows them to receive heat on their underside and will last so much longer. A heat mat will help your leopard geckos digest their food. Without this heat mat for just one day, your gecko won able to digest food and get hard when they go to the potty.

How to set up heat mat for leopard geckos?

There are many different sizes of heat mats for leopard geckos, but it is better to choose the heat mat that covers roughly 1/3 the tank bottom. The heat mat will come with rubber feet.

Sticking these feet on the one side of the tank bottom. You will need to lift the tank a little to ensure the heat lamp does not touch the ground. This will prevent the heat pad to become overheat and causing damages for the tank wall.

When finished setting up of heat mat, place your substrate, décor inside. Turn the mat on to regular temperature. We recommend you to buy a thermostat to help you maintain proper temperature.