What are the potentially dangers of gerbil wheels?

We all know that the best gerbil wheel is essential part of a gerbil cage as it keeps your pets entertain and stay healthy, However, many owners don’t realize the risks involved from wheel. Some companies manufacture low quality cages or if the wheel wasn’t designed for your gerbil, it may injure your gerbils.

Learning about the dangers of gerbil wheels will help you choose the safe type of wheel and also fix and avoid these problems.

#1 Fractures

This is the mistake that many new gerbil owners get when choosing the first wheel for their pets that is choosing wire-style wheels. If there are big gaps between the bars, then a gerbil’s legs can fit through the openings gap and if the gerbil slip, his leg could get caught between the wires and fracture.

For this reason, it is quite important to choose wheels designed to be solid that help prevent fractures. These smooth-surface wheels are safer for the sensitive skin of gerbil.

#2 Tail Damage

Another danger from wire wheel. Gerbils and other rodents with long tails can be injure if they are running in the wheel that is not design specific for them such as hamster wheel. Hamster wheels don’t take tails and long bodies into account. A gerbil running on a hamster wheel may crush his own tail as it dangles outside the wheel. Not only the exercise needs of your pet, you also need to know your pet’s body features so that you can provide safe exercise options for them.

#3 Danger from cage mates

In the case if you are keeping more than one gerbil in one cage, the wheels can be extremely dangerous. There is always a change that one cage mates to run under the wheel while another gerbil is running on it. This can lead to danger for your pets as they can be broken bones, internal organ damage and even death.

If you are keeping multiple gerbils, I would recommend that you should use some exercise alternative of wheel to ensure the safe of your pets. An exercise ball is the great way to provide your gerbil a private room to run inside the ball. The ball also protects your pets as well.

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Why do you need the best aquarium vacuum?

It is needless to say that, safety and healthy habitat made an important contribution to help prolong the fish life. That means you should keep your aquarium always clean and maintain. Investing in the best aquarium vacuum is the easiest and quick way to help you clean your fish tank.

Instead of traditional cleaning way, messy and laborious; the best aquarium vacuum cleaner will bring you a great experience of clean. If you have any stagger about buying a vacuum or not, read our article below.

What are aquarium vacuum cleaners use for?

One of the main benefits of an aquarium vacuum is that remove debris such as dirt, waster, die plant, uneaten meals in the tank. Cleaning substrate and giving back a safe and clean habitat for your fish and aquarium plants.

Besides, this method eliminates a large amount of ammonia and nitrate accumulation in the tank over time and get harm to your fish. This device also helps you maintain the right range of pH that is some fish only survive in there.

Not only that, but the tube of an aquarium vacuum also allows you to clean your gravel and siphon water out of the tank at the same time. It is the best aquarium water changer. That means you can more quickly drain water straight out of the aquarium by using a vacuum.

How to choose the right size of aquarium vacuum?

There are a lot of types and brands of best aquarium gravel vacuum that come in various sizes and designs. To choose the right size of the vacuum, first, you should determine the current size, the measurement, the amount of gallon that your fish tank contains.

Buying a small vacuum cleaner for a big tank that means the cleaning progress is slow and deficiencies. Meanwhile, a big vacuum cleaner use for a small fish tank can be dangerous for your fish.

Why Do You Need Heat Mat For Leopard Geckos?

Leopard geckos are crepuscular; that means they will sleep through the day and shelter deeply underground to hind away from sunlight. They become more active when it is duck and down.

Leopard geckos absorb heat through their belly and they able to digest their food in this way. This is the reason why you should provide them the heat mat for leopard geckos.

Do leopard gecko need heat mat?

Unlike bearded dragons, leopard geckos do not bask under the direct sunlight and receive heat from the sun. This way they do not need the basking lamp in their cage, this lamp could easily burn your leopard geckos. However, your geckos also need a heat source and the place to go to get warmth.

Your leopard geckos simply need a heat mat reptile, which located on the bottom of the tank and allows them to receive heat on their underside and will last so much longer. A heat mat will help your leopard geckos digest their food. Without this heat mat for just one day, your gecko won able to digest food and get hard when they go to the potty.

How to set up heat mat for leopard geckos?

There are many different sizes of heat mats for leopard geckos, but it is better to choose the heat mat that covers roughly 1/3 the tank bottom. The heat mat will come with rubber feet.

Sticking these feet on the one side of the tank bottom. You will need to lift the tank a little to ensure the heat lamp does not touch the ground. This will prevent the heat pad to become overheat and causing damages for the tank wall.

When finished setting up of heat mat, place your substrate, décor inside. Turn the mat on to regular temperature. We recommend you to buy a thermostat to help you maintain proper temperature.

Bearded Dragon UVB Light Requirement

Bearded dragons come from the hot desert areas of Australian, where they spend any time of the day basking under the sunlight. This is because they need to receive heat, UVA, UVB radiation naturally from the sun.

All the bearded dragon’s keepers will know UVB is essential for the health of your bearded dragons. Therefore if you are the new owner, it is important to understand their UVB light requirement and learn how to provide adequate UVB for bearded dragons.

UVB lighting schedule for bearded dragons

For the people who just get a start in this keeping bearded dragons hobby, You may wonder that how many hours per day for bearded dragons get enough amount of UVB rays?

In order to mimic the natural environment of bearded dragons in their enclosure, you should allow your bearded dragons exposure with the UVB light bulb for about 14-16 hours of the daytime during the summer. And during the nighttime, your bearded dragons should be provided 10-12 hours of UVB light.

Besides, you should turn on the UVB light bulbs 1 hour before and after you feed them. This will encourage your bearded dragons to eat more. They can easily digest their food and absorb any calcium and vitamin included in their food.

Choosing UVB light bulb for your bearded dragons

There are many unreliable UVB light bulbs for reptiles out there. Some coil and compact bulb may produce UVB that too much high intensive of UVB rays, which can overheat or even blind your bearded dragons.

This is important to choose the bulbs from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. The best reptile light bulbs are clear and verified products. When it comes to UVB bulb for bearded dragon, you are recommended to use fluorescent or mercury vapor bulbs.

You are absolute can choose the all in one kind of UVB bulbs, which will offer your reptiles UVA, UVB and heat.

Replacing UVB bulbs

Over time, the amount of UVB radiation will decrease. The bulbs still emit light but it is not the UVB that your bearded dragons need. You should replace these UVB bulbs every 6-12 months. This time will change depending on your types of UVB bulbs.

What are best supplements for mini pigs?

One deciding on the best pig food, the next step is understanding basic nutritional that they need. The supplements are essential to improve a strong immune system and help a pig prevent some particular illness or disease.

There are some nutrients that included in the mini pig pellet that they eat daily. However, there are also some nutrient that is important addition to your pig’s diet but they only can get from the supplements.

#1 Spring Valley – Vitamin E 400 IU, 100 Softgel

Vitamin E of spring valley if one of the most important supplement that every mini pig owner should get as it help improve immune system of pig and also cardiovascular system as well. I would like to recommend allow your pets to eat onecapsule of 400 IU capsule per day.

The Vitamin E helps build healthy skeletal & heart muscle. However, the big change that your pigs cannot get enough amount of Vitamin E that they need from their commercials pellet diet. This is because under improver storage, in the production of feed, and during a normal shelf life, the vitamin E in commercial food will be break down. This is why the best way to give your mini pig enough vitamin E is through supplement.

#2 Spectrum Essentials Organic Coconut Oil

This is unrefined organic coconut oil that you can rest your mind that it is safe to support hair and skin of your mini pigs. Coconut oil is an excellent nutrient for pigs that help they absorb fat soluble vitamins and stabilize nerve function. Coconut oil of Spectrum is made of natural ingredient with no added preservatives or fragrance.

Due to this, you can apply this organic coconut oil directly on the pig skin as moisturizer or pour it over their food, or frozen it into bite sized treats.

#3 Elevate Se

Selenium is another essential nutrient for pigs. However, this is the note that mini pigs that eat a commercial diet should only be provided selenium supplementation one a week. This is because selenium can be toxic for mini pigs if overdosed.

Elevate se is the product for horses, but it is good to use for pigs as well. Adding one teaspoon of Elevate Se into the pig’s diet once a week.

What are the best glass cage for chameleon?

When it comes to keeping a pet chameleon, the best chameleon cage is indispensable things. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task to get the right cage for these animals because the chameleon cage options on the market is extremely limited.

Chameleon require a vertical cage with the proper humidity and heat. Glass is an excellent material for regulating humidity and temperature. Glass cages also make it easier for you to clearly see your pet inside. If you are get trouble on choosing the ideal cage for your chameleon, this list can help you.


#1 Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit

There are not many glass cage available is more appreciate for chameleon than this one from Exo Terra. If you have trouble on controlling the temperature and humidity inside the cage, you should go with this cage. It is made from full-glass side and a mesh top for good ventilation.

It features double front door, which helps easy access, feeding and cleaning. Besides, it comes with a natural rock background, which will mimic the wide environment for the cage. There is also a compact lighting system includes. However, many users complain that the accessories are not really of good quality so it is better to purchase on separately decorations.

#2 Carolina Custom Cages Extra Tall Terrarium

If budget is not your problem and you are looking for something that provide long lasing lifespan and durable, you can consider this cage of Carolina Custom. It provides an extra large space for your chameleon but it also take lots of space in your home.

It is made mainly from high quality glass with waterproof base that is 12 inches deep. The font top of the cage is the metal mesh panel, which provide good ventilation through the cage. The air circulation can also support better manage humidity. There is a large double door at the front side of the cage with the key-lock features to prevent escape.

However, the drawback of it is the it quite expensive compare with other alternative options. The cage is also not really easy to assemble.

#3 Zilla Front Open Terrarium Black  

This cage will provide you fully accessible while being a secure place to keep your pet safe a comfortable inside. This cage dimension are 18 x 18 x 25 inches. It offers enough room for a baby for juvenile chameleon, but you may need to change into the large cage for an adult chameleon.

It is all side glass with a hinged panel at the top of the tank for easy access and better airflow. It comes with the realistic rock foam background, which make the cage more natural. It features 3 inch deep water-proof base, you can add a thick layer of substrate on the bottom. The locking safety pins will protect your pet from escaping and other household pets.

#4 REPTI ZOO 34 Gallon Large Reptile Glass Terrarium Tank

REPTI ZOO Large Reptile Glass Terrarium not only good at maintain humidity and temperature but also allows the air circulation due to a metal mesh top. You can mount the lighting or humidifier in the metal mesh. Although it is not specially designed for chameleon but it still meets most chameleon needs. It equipped with the raised bottom, where you can place the substrate heater under.

There are double doors for easy access. It is quite expensive but you will get the quality that worth your money. The only drawback of this cage is that its dimensions are longer than its high, which chameleon more prefer.

#5 Critter Condo Reptile Cage

Recycled PVC, compressed foam and tempered glass are what make up this cage. Critter Condo Reptile Cage is not the cheap options if you are on the budget. But of you are looking for the high quality long lasting cage, it can be the good choice.

Unlike the other glass cage on this list, this cage is combination cage. Due to it, the cage is lightweight than other glass cage for easy transport from room to room, while provide the clear view of your pet. The sliding front doors are made of tempered glass. Once you are received this product, all you need is a screwdriver to set up this cage. It does not take you a lot of time to complete the assembly of the cage. It measure 48 X 24 X 24, your chameleon will have plenty of space to move inside the cage.

What are the best bird foods for cardinals?

Cardinal can eat many types of foods. It is not difficult task to please and raise a cardinal. Also, cardinals are not picky about seeds. However, it is important to know what food is the good source of nutritional value, which contains plenty amounts of vitamins and minerals for cardinals.

If it is the first time you looking for the best bird food and you are still wondering which way is better to go, here are my reviews of the top 5 high quality cardinal food that you can consider.

#1 Wagner’s 76027 Black Oil Sunflower Seed Wild Bird Food

This food from Wagner is made from 100% real black oil sunflower seed, which provide enough energy content for cardinal during the day. This is not only cardinal food but also can be used to feed woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadee, finches, etc.

There are a lot of black oil sunflower seed products on the market. Cardinal love the tested of black oil sunflower seeds. These seeds are rich in oil, always available and easy to buy and relatively cheap. Black oil sunflower seed has the thin shell, your cardinal will easier to crack open and ingest it. This food bag is treated to be clean for bird, it also does not cause much of mess. The drawback of this products is that you may find grasses, leaves, twigs inside the bag. This food also does not have the long expiry date.

#2 Wagner’s Cardinal Blend Wild Bird Food

This is another cardinal food from Wagner. It comes in 2 forms are 6-Pound Bag and 5-1/2-Pound Bucket. The unique beak is designed to creak open shells. Their strong and hard beak can open even very hard-shelled seed such as sunflower or safflower.

Due to this, your cardinals will love to eat bird blend seeds from Wagner. The ingredients of this products are sunflower and safflower seeds, which will ensure the range nutrient value for your birds. This is the premium quality as it contains high nutritional content. Although Safflower seeds are not as popular for feeding birds as sunflower seeds, it includes a plenty content of fat, protein, and fiber.

Due to these, this product could make the complete daily diet for cardinal. However, some cardinals are just do not like to eat safflower seeds. This food is also relatively expensive.

#3 Audubon Park Cardinal Blend Wild Bird Food

Next one is pre-mixed product from Audubon Park. The ingredients of this food are 60% black oil sunflower seeds and 40% safflower seeds, and 100% premium natural seeds for cardinals. This is recommended as one of the best cardinal bird food. Your bird will be happy and healthy being feed with this high quality food.

Like the previous options, this one is also the combination of sunflower and safflower seeds. They provide almost nutrients that cardinal need to be healthy and full of energy. It is also less waste and clean use. However, in compare with other alternative options, this product is relatively high price. You may find twigs and leaves inside the bag.

#4 Wild Delight Deck, Porch N’ Patio No Waste Bird Food

The ingredients of this food include Sunflower Kernels, Peanuts, Pistachios, Hulled Pumpkin Seed, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D-3 Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement, etc. What makes this food different with other products for cardinals is that it includes corn, milo, and millet. Some people consider it as the filler and do not like it.

All the ingredients are edible, it creates less mess and less waste than other foods with twigs and leaves. It provides your bird with plenty of nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin C. It profile is 40% crude fat, 18% crude protein, 12% moisture, and 7% crude fiber. It is free of chemical preservatives. Although it is quite high in fat content, it also the good food for cardinals.

#5 Wild Delight 20-pound Nut N-Berry Birdfood

This product offers you from small bag of 5 pound to large bag of 20 pound. This is the balanced diet for cardinal with the combination of nuts for protein and berries for a good taste. Its ingredients include Sunflower Kernels, Peanuts, Sunflower Seed, Safflower Seed, Pistachios, Hulled Pumpkin Seed, Dried Raisins, Dried Cranberries, etc.

Besides, the food enrich with essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and amino acids such as A, B12, C, D3, and E. There is no any chemical preservatives are added in this products. It also does not contains no corn, millet or other fillers.

What is the best food for young mini pigs?

In the first two months of life, young mini pigs just drink their mother milk to be survive. After this time, you can add commercial food inti their diet. It is better to feed pellet food in addition to the milk they are used to.

Choosing and management food for mini pig is extremely important. This is because the best pig food needs to maintain your pig’s weight while does not make it gain weight. Providing your young mini pigs the pellets foods that include essential vitamin and minerals, which can be difficult to get from a natural diet.

#1 Purina Waggin’ Train Mazuri

Mazuri is the trustworthy manufacturer in the pig pellet industry. Mazuri Mini Pig Youth Diet has a balance and complete nutrient that designed especially for baby pig. It is formulated to help young pigs get a healthy start. Feeding your pig with this food, you will not need to give them addition vitamin and mineral.

Mazuri diet includes probiotics, chelated minerals, biotin and niacin, which help support pig’s skin and weigh. Mazuri pig diet contains high quality milk proteins in the formula, it is good for wean baby pigs. Not only that, it also provides Amino acid for the proper growth of your pigs.

#2 Sharp’s Mini Pig Food

This food of Sharp’s Little Pig Town is produced for all life stages of mini pigs. However, I would like tore recommend you feeding it for baby pigs that ween from their mothers. It is better to feed 4-6 weeks old pig. It is made will all natural and high-quality ingredients. The manufacturer commit that it does not contains any filter, GMO, corn, soy, etc.

Sharp’s Mini Pig Food is formulated with good amount of vitamin and mineral, that means your baby pigs can get all they need with this complete and balanced formula. Besides, it has delicious taste and smell even a picky pig will love to eat this food.

#3 How to feed a baby small pig

After 3 days of born, you can start offer a small amount of good pig feed food to your pets in a bowl or dish. Crushing the pellet and mix it with the milk, making it very liquid at first and then slowly increase the amount of pellet s the pig ages.

After 7 weeks, you can feed your pets with just the hard pellets. And after 8 week, the basic rule is feeding them 1/2 cup of pellets per 15 lb of pigs.

What are the best exercise toys for Syrian hamster?

Syrian hamsters are small creatures that are quite active and playful. It is my favorite time of the day to play with or just watch as them play best toys for Syrian hamster. The lack of exercise might put your pets into unwanted health issue risks.

An exercise toy is one of the most basic things you need for your hamster. So what type of toys will encourage your hamster to do exercise? Running wheel and hamster ball are two popular toys that will help your pets out of bored as well as being healthy.

#1 Running wheel

An exercise wheel is mandatory as well, simply because running is half of everything a hamster does. It is necessary to spend your time and money to get the good running wheel as It will last literally your hamster’s entire life.

The best running wheel should operate quietly in the background, installed easily or can be attached to any wire cage. Creating a solid running space for your hamsters. When choosing running wheel for a Syrian hamster, you have to ensure that it is at least 8 inches diameter.

#2 Choose a Safe Wheel

There is the problem with running wheel is that a hamster can get his foot caught in the bars of a wire wheel, which can lead to a broken limb. For this reason, when choosing wheel for hamster, you should purchase on the one that is made of solid, sturdy plastic.

As any other nocturnal animal, hamster uses the night mostly to play and exercise. Therefore, it is better to choose a model that is noiseless.

#3 Hamster ball

Hamster balls help hamster fulfil their instinct of running in the secure and also provide a host of physical benefits. Hamster ball also can be used as a convenient space for them to be housed while you clean their cage.

Best exercise ball for Syrian hamsters is one that will fit the adults properly. An adult Syrian hamster will need at least a 7 inch exercise ball, up to 9 inches. That’s 18 cm to 23 cm, in diameter.

#4 Problem with hamster ball

Without proper supervision, hamster balls can be dangerous. This is because hamsters have poor vision, they get the feeling due to their senses. That means get hard to avoid banging into objects when in their ball. They are also unlikely to be able to avoid dangers such as stairs or heights.

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What happens if you do not brush your bunnies?

Like other house pets, in addition to providing your rabbit with a suitable enviroment and a healthy diet, you also need to do some basic grooming for them. It is your responsibility as a rabbit’s parent to regularly brushing them. You just need a best brush for bunnies to help them prevent illness.

If you have never raise a rabbit before, brushing may seem like a trivial thing to you. However, there are some problems that are experienced by a rabbit due to the lack of proper brushing that you should know before decide to keep a rabbit.

#1 Block degestive system

The rabbit constantly groom themselves, so they will always have some hair in their system. This is not a problem for most other pets. Cats also prefer to groom theselves, however they can vomit and this is the way they clear their ddegestive system. But it does not happen with rabbits.

This may be not a big problem if there is just A small amount of hair in their system. But this is a serious threat to bunnies when they ingest more hair than they should. Their stomach cannot digest a large amount of hair and it lead the rabbit get quite sick due to an upset stomach.

It can be worse that the dead is possible to your pets. During shedding season of rabbit, chances of your pet ingesting hair increase exponentially. In this times, you will have to brush your bunnies more often. Brushing removes excessive hair from a rabbit’s coat, making sure that your bunnies don’t ingest more hair than they can handle.

#2 Matting

Matting is the condition when the ful of rabbit tangles up so severely that it becomes a solid mass. It is usually happens in long hair rabbits. This is why it is recommended that short haired rabbits should be brushed at least twice a week, while those with long hair need brushing every day.

If matting is left unresolved, it can lead to several complications because rabbits have thinner skin than most other pets. Regulaly brushing help prevent this condition. It reduces matting by breaking up knots and untangling hair.

#3 Unhealthy

Healthy fur plays an important role in the overall well being of bunnies. Help the rabbit clean their fur, remove dirt, debris, hay, and insects is prevent fur clumping or matting which can irritate their skin. Care of the rabbit’s fur and skin also a change for you to check for the presence of parasites, lumps or bumps that should not be in their coat.