What Is The Right Way To Set Up UVB Bulbs For Reptiles?

UVB bulbs are the indispensable things to maintain good health for reptiles. The species of reptiles that cannot absorb vitamin D3 from their food or supplementation will need UVB blubs to grow up normally, movement and reproduction.

However, not everyone will know what is the proper way to use UVB bulbs for reptiles in their enclosure. Any misconception or ignorance of UVB lamp for reptiles may put them into danger.

This post is all basics thing about UVB if you are confused about how to mount your UVB bulbs or how to use them in the reptile tank.

How to properly set up UVB bulbs in reptile tank?

Once you got the right UVB bulb for your tank, you have to determine the placement of the bulb. Never place your UVB bulb about the glass.

Because glass can block almost UV radiation and your reptile will not receive enough amount of UVB that they need. You are recommended to use a screen cover.

Placing all your UVB bulbs on one side of the tank, and with the same side with your basking bulb. In the case that your reptile basking under the basking bulb, and you lace the UVB bulbs at the other side of the tank, your reptiles will not receive any benefit from the UVB bulbs.

The best reptile light bulbs should be placed above your reptile’s head. Not only UVB, but all the light sources should also always be overhead the reptiles.

If the lights are placed on the side, the light will shine directly into their eyes and make your reptiles stress. Intense UVB rays also can make reptiles blind.

The distance between the bulbs and your reptiles also is an important aspect. If the bulb is too far away, the reptiles may not receive enough amounts of UVB rays. The distance also depends on the types of your UVB bus and also the species of reptile.

However, in general, there is no bulb that should be placed closer than 6 inches from the reptiles. And for all types of bulbs, should not place the UVB bulbs far away more than 30 inches from the reptiles.

If the tank height is longer than the proper distance, you must add more extra substrate or basking décor to decrease the distance to the bulbs.