Bearded Dragon UVB Light Requirement

Bearded dragons come from the hot desert areas of Australian, where they spend any time of the day basking under the sunlight. This is because they need to receive heat, UVA, UVB radiation naturally from the sun.

All the bearded dragon’s keepers will know UVB is essential for the health of your bearded dragons. Therefore if you are the new owner, it is important to understand their UVB light requirement and learn how to provide adequate UVB for bearded dragons.

UVB lighting schedule for bearded dragons

For the people who just get a start in this keeping bearded dragons hobby, You may wonder that how many hours per day for bearded dragons get enough amount of UVB rays?

In order to mimic the natural environment of bearded dragons in their enclosure, you should allow your bearded dragons exposure with the UVB light bulb for about 14-16 hours of the daytime during the summer. And during the nighttime, your bearded dragons should be provided 10-12 hours of UVB light.

Besides, you should turn on the UVB light bulbs 1 hour before and after you feed them. This will encourage your bearded dragons to eat more. They can easily digest their food and absorb any calcium and vitamin included in their food.

Choosing UVB light bulb for your bearded dragons

There are many unreliable UVB light bulbs for reptiles out there. Some coil and compact bulb may produce UVB that too much high intensive of UVB rays, which can overheat or even blind your bearded dragons.

This is important to choose the bulbs from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. The best reptile light bulbs are clear and verified products. When it comes to UVB bulb for bearded dragon, you are recommended to use fluorescent or mercury vapor bulbs.

You are absolute can choose the all in one kind of UVB bulbs, which will offer your reptiles UVA, UVB and heat.

Replacing UVB bulbs

Over time, the amount of UVB radiation will decrease. The bulbs still emit light but it is not the UVB that your bearded dragons need. You should replace these UVB bulbs every 6-12 months. This time will change depending on your types of UVB bulbs.