Ways to handle, bond and socialize baby pot bellied pigs

Pot bellied pigs have singular personalities, but as young pigs, they seldom like to be touched or held. Generally, young pigs grow up to appreciate being close to the people they have established a bond with. At first, piglets can be very unapproachable or dreadful, particularly if they have not been well socialized from the start.

Socializing and Training Baby Pot Bellied Pigs

Indeed, getting your pig to trust the owner can be a bit of a task. When you bring an infant pig home, you first need to pick up their trust so as to have them acknowledge you taking care of them. After that, you begin working on fundamental practices, (for example, rope strolling and house training). You should likewise figure out how to control your pot bellied pig so essential grooming and medical care can be administered when necessary. Although most outgrow being picked up, it is beneficial to get them used to being picked up as they will additionally be eager to be restrained and handled.

Bonding With a New Baby Pot Bellied Pig

When you bring your new infant pig home they will most likely be exceptionally anxious and frightened. Take your time. You will need to keep your pig in a little, limited territory until when they blend in and accept their new home. Give your pig a chance to explore; when they appear to be less troubled, endeavor to motivate them to approach you by enticing them with food. Sit on the floor with your pig and offer a touch of food (start with regular food for piglets) to lure them. At first, you may need to put the food on the floor before you and step by step work up to your piglet taking the meal directly from your hand. Do this constantly for a few days. Have everybody in the family have a turn so the piglet can bond with all the relatives.

When your piglet is open to being close you and taking food from your hand, you can take it to the next step by stroking it gently along its sides or beneath the chin. Move gradually and talk tranquilly and tenderly to your pig. Make sure to give treats because this will help with the pleasant experience. Move at a pace that your piglet is okay with. If they do not like being pet or scratched instantly, back off a bit until they are more tolerating.

Picking a Baby Pot Bellied Pig

By and large, pigs do not like to be handled. A pig will squeal loudly whenever they feel compromised. Despite the fact that you might attempt to pick up an infant pig to cuddle it, it might get scared and squeal. After some time your piglet will bond with you and they will in the long run trust that you are not going to hurt them.

Getting your pig to be used to being touched and handled will not be easy because it is something they normally do not like. In the event that you are tolerant and recollect that training takes a while to achieve, you and your piglet will be more joyful at last.